In-depth: Looking into 3D skull printing procedure for Officer Troy Blackchief

Published March 7, 2023


WBEN aired a story about a UB team’s effort to implant a new 3D printed skull bone into the head of Cheektowaga Police Officer Troy Blackchief, who sustained serious skull injuries when hit by a suspect driving a stolen car last month. 

The story quoted Ciprian “Chip” Ionita, assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

"It's almost like you do for an architect that does a design for a building,” Ionita said. “This particular process, you take the geometry of the patient and you develop the part that you're going to replace it, design it, and then you pass it through a 3D printer that will make it exactly to fit the patient's geometry once it's done.”

Read the story here.