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Advancing industrial outreach through collaboration and innovation in materials design.

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Center for Materials Processing Data (CMPD)

The Center for Materials Processing Data (CMPD) is  an academic partnership to serve industry, that focuses on generating and collection of materials property data for use in manufacturing process models. The CMPD is a collaborative effort established by Worcester Polytechnic Institute, University of Connecticut and the Department of Materials Design and Innovation at the University at Buffalo in cooperation with ASM International.

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CoRE Initiative: Collaboratory for a Regenerative Economy

The CoRE Initiative is a research and education partnership led by MDI, with non-governmental and community outreach organizations that brings together complementary expertise – in research, market analysis, policy formulation, and social innovation -- to support the transition towards a safer materials economy. Research activities in CoRE translates cutting-edge discoveries in materials science and engineering to develop innovative and transformative approaches to design data-driven green manufacturing processes that will reduce the use of toxic chemicals and/or those derived from fossil fuels in a variety of manufacturing industries. 

Industry Scholar Residence Program

Our program hosts scientists and engineers from companies for long term collaborations to pursue research tailored to industrial needs. By residing within the Materials Design and Innovation department, we provide an opportunity for industrial researchers to have an immersive experience with the data intensive research developed here.

MDI-In: An Intrepreneurship Initiative

MDI-In is a specialized training program where students adapt their research training in materials science to develop commercial products and/or patents. In coordination with UB’s Technology Incubator program and the Blackstone LaunchPad initiative, MDI-In offers graduate students a unique educational framework to harness intellectual entrepreneurship with business entrepreneurship.

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MDI-TRI Partnership

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) supports a major research initiative in MDI that aims to make next generation vehicles carbon-neutral. The research focuses on the use of artificial intelligence to help accelerate the design and discovery of new materials. The materials will help create technology for batteries and fuel cell catalysts designed to power future zero-emission and carbon-neutral vehicles. The MDI-TRI partnership merges advanced computational materials modeling, new sources of experimental data, machine learning and artificial intelligence in an effort to reduce the time scale for new materials development from a period that has historically been measured in decades. 

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