Our Research

Here is where we push the boundaries of conventional thinking.

Our research portfolio is highly interdisciplinary and pushes the boundaries of traditional classifications in materials science research to establish a new paradigm for materials design and innovation. The department is organized into two broad overlapping research themes: Methodology Science and Discovery Science.

Methodology Science

The Methodology Science research cluster focuses on advancing and/or developing new techniques in experimental and computational materials science.  

  • Materials Informatics: advancing the tools of machine learning, applied mathematics, statistics, machine vision and information science, into experimental and computational materials science
  • Computational Materials Science: research in the field of computing, multiscale modeling, and simulation of structure-property relationships
  • Imaging, Spectroscopy and Metrology: specialized research in high resolution imaging, spectroscopy and property measurements  for materials characterization and research directed towards instrumentation development and sensor design

Discovery Science

The Discovery Science research cluster emphasizes innovations in the development of new materials, processes and expanding the design envelope for building devices and systems for a broad range of technological applications.

  • Synthesis and Materials Discovery: exploring all aspects of materials synthesis and processing methods, that promote the accelerated discovery of new materials and emergent phenomena.  
  • Manufacturing Sciences: research into the study of the role of manufacturing on materials performance and the design of new manufacturing processes
  • Materials Systems Innovation: seeking new technological innovations at the nexus of materials science, robotics and systems engineering 

Research Topics

Research Facilities

Our department provides a comprehensive set of computational and laboratory facilities for faculty, students and researchers. These unique labs serve as focal points for creating a shared and cooperative research environment for promoting interdisciplinary research among diverse research groups. 

photo of UB's Center for Computational Research