Drug-filled, 3-D printed dentures could fight off infections

Published April 27, 2018

An article on 3DPrint reports on research by Praveen Arany, assistant professor of oral biology in the UB School of Dental Medicine, to develop new 3D printed dentures filled with microscopic capsules containing antifungal medication to help fight oral infections known as denture-related stomatitis.

“The major impact of this innovative 3-D printing system is its potential on saving cost and time,” he said. “The antifungal application could prove invaluable among those highly susceptible to infection, such as the elderly, hospitalized or disabled patients.”

Arany also has an appointment in UB’s Department of Biomedical Engineering, a joint program of the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at UB and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Read the story here.

The article also appeared on Dentistry Today, Daily News & Analysis and Oral Health Journal.