This year's Erich Bloch Symposium posters include:

Materials Design and Informatics for Greener Solar Panel Manufacturing
Ibrahim Diallo, Peter Lisker, Erik Einarsson, Scott Broderick, Krishna Rajan

A New Paradigm for Materials Science Education:  Integrating the Science of Data Into the Science of Materials
Erik Einarsson, Olga Wodo, Prathima Nalam, Florian Gollier, Kristofer Reyes, Scott Broderick, and E. Bruce Pitman

Microstructure Data Analytics-Robust Skeletal Representation for Microstructure Quantification and Design
Devyani Jivani, Amal Abdoulhassan, Markus Hadwiger, Rahul Rai, Olga Wodo

Bond Strength Of AlxGa1-xN Heterostructures Through Big Data Analysis
O. G. Licata, S. R. Broderick, K. Rajan and B. Mazumder

Prediction of the Optical Bandgap of (AlxGa1-x)2O3 Using Material Informatics
Edward Swinnich, Jung-Hun Seo

Green and Biodegradable Flexible Electronics
Md Nazmul Hasan, Jung-Hun Seo

Biology with X-ray Free Electron Lasers (BioXFEL)-  A  Science and Technology Center (STC) funded by the National Science Foundation
Bill Bauer and Eddie Snell

Towards design of materials for manufacturing: surrogate models of materials behavior during additive manufacturing
Mriganka Roy, Olga Wodo

STEM in Summer: The Eric Pitman Summer Workshop in Computational Science
Jeanette M. Sperhac, Benjamin D. Plessinger, Mark Pitman, Abigail Gervase, Thomas R. Furlani, E. Bruce Pitman

Machine-Learning Enabled Search for The Next-Generation Catalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Surya V Devaguptapu, Sichen Wei, Soojung Baek, Kristofer Reyes and Fei Yao

Data Analytics for Mapping Catalytic Activity From High Throughput Cyclic Voltammetry
K. Vaddi, S.V. Devaguptapu, T. Zhang, X. Shen, S. Broderick, E.B. Pitman, F. Yao, O. Wodo, K. Rajan


Correlative In-Operando Microscopy for Catalysis and Battery Materials
S. Broderick, F. Yao, T. Zhang, X. Shen, O. Wodo, E.B. Pitman and K. Rajan

Accelerated Computational Methods for Multi-component Systems
Xiaozhou Shen, Tianmu Zhang, Scott Broderick, E. Bruce Pitman and Krishna Rajan

Mapping Chemical and Processing Pathways through Manifold Learning: Computational Data
A. Dasgupta, Y. Gao, T. Stone Almeida, S. Broderick, E.B. Pitman, K. Rajan

Thermal Conductivities of WS2 and Interfacial Thermal Conductance Between WS2 and MoS2
Xian Zhang, Fei Lu, Yixiong Zheng, Erik Einarsson

Mechanics of Anisotropic Biological Networks: A Structure-Mechanical Property Study of Mycelium
Mugdha R. Kasarekar, Jessie Kaplan-Bie, Gavin McIntyre, Prathima C. Nalam

Nanotribological Properties of 2D Nanomaterials in Petroleum - based Lubricants
Behnoosh Sattari Baboukani, Zhijiang Ye, Prathima Nalam

AI-enabled Search for Critical Phenomena in High Energy Physics Experiments
Soojung Baek, Kristofer Reyes , James Dunlop, Zhangbu Xu, Francis Alexander

The role of ontologies for materials development
Aditi Sonal, Kristofer Reyes

Automated Analysis of Phase Diagrams for Identification of New Metallic Glasses
Aparajita Dasgupta, Scott Broderick, Srirangaraj Setlur, Venu Govindaraju, Krishna   Rajan        

Unsupervised Machine Learning Based “Focusing” of 3D Atom Probe Images"
A. Mukherjee, S. Broderick, T. Zhang and K.Rajan