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Rahul Gaur reviewed Unplugged Courtyard1 star
August 6

This place is a mess. Kids are not allowed though u can take them after talking to the manager.
Initially we were told that no children are allowed however when we had a talk with the manager he informed that we can seat him inside the air conditioned room. Inside we found 2 families already with the kids in tow were having a fine dinner. So what's wrong on bringing the kids. Will they start to smoke and drink.
The bouncer and the man managing the show outside are like army... chief 'Non apologetic and irritating' showing their fake demenour and incorrigible smiles.
Inside the area is divided into two parts. Airconditioned and Non Airconditioned. The AC part is the nest portion as u can't hear the cacophony of the unplugged they call a band. It was the most irritating piece of fiestiness that u get hear with the vocals that are at par with the indian idol audition rejects of the first round.
The band was so pathetic that even after calling out many times to the people to even jump and dance, not a soul ventured for that forsaken land.
In case you are a non drinker than forget about getting served with water. Even after requesting for drinking water so many times not a soul came to help us out and when they did it was with an entirety different reason by giving us bottled water which we hadn't asked at all.
Literally we were forced with VI John parakrit mineral water instead of the regular RO by informing that the RO is not working properly even though others got served with the jug full of the same.
If u are there with family u might get clicked once but if u r there with hot and happening people the photographer keeps on clicking and many times with different angles.
Finally the bill came. Of some other table with an entirety different amount. Which we had to insist that it's not ours. Later apologies were given to us about presenting the wrong bill.

Had not had a worst time then visiting this place.

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This place is rubbish, the staff is so arrogant, eccentric and courrupt. They not host you but give you favour that you come visited the so called unplugged courtyard. We all want service a respectful from them but you don't know they are supreme leader there. The table are reserved to owner, partron, friend, relative, even friend of friend. We reserved a table a day before but when the night comes, the behaviour of the staff is pathetic, they treat us like that we don't dese...rve to be there. We insist to have a outside table, to enjoy moment in the shiny stars, but staff provide us the bar table, even the manager turn up the coat and told us that's what we serve, take it or leave it. I never go this place ever, where only corrupted money speaks not the hospitality, the service they provide is slap on the face of consumer like me. I certainly not looking forward to this place ever again, i would to turn up the hooter to my dear friends, go any other pub you like in cp but not go this pathetic, courrupted place so called "unplugged courtyard" ������

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There are very few places in Delhi which I personally love but this is love �. From the ambience to the food to the live music to the hospitality everything here is like amazing. The moment you get down of your car to the moment you are done with the night you for sure will leave from here with a smile on your face. It's not just me but everyone in my friend circle have been recommending this place to thousand others. As they say ' kuch to baat hogi', this place is magnetic. ...One everning spent here will make you want to spent more and more. What makes this place so unique is the outside courtyard which I don't think anybody's around CP has. And yes the food too is top notch here. I am a big fan of their ganna chicken and mutton shish kebabs and also the mushroom galouti. The pizzas are great too and Biryani is like one of the best. This has been my permanent orders when I go here. Live bands on Saturdays is like adding a magic in the air. Not just see have many times seen the owner himself talking to the guest and helping them out personally if need be. What else would you need if you can get all this under one roof. Unplugged courtyard is the place to be and you should head here now.
(PS: wonder how can people rate this place just 1, we can't judge the book by its cover until will read the last page)

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Devgan Sarpreet reviewed Unplugged Courtyard1 star

Hi @unplugged, must say had huge expectations!!!... hats off such a fucked up place!... waited for such long time to visit but such a disappointment...
did made a reservation and no record available when we reached, another thing every drink was so pathetic that needed revision. And yeah! Food was worse too. Did quit after an hour of joining you guys.
Promised live music and none was presented.
Thanks for the bad experience!
#goof Luck with hospitality, u guys suck at it!

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Saurabh Suri reviewed Unplugged Courtyard2 star

This place really need some makeover / improvement. Food menu was ok ok and taste wise also it was not that great. Live music is the only thing which seems little interesting but after 1-2 hrs it becomes really boring. Last visit we went with friends and by 11 we left for nearby option.

Tushar Rokade reviewed Unplugged Courtyard1 star
September 10

The security at this place send to be moral policing, with a strong bus for men. Yesterday one of my friends we not allowed in because he was wearing shorts... Apparantly girls wearing shorts are allowed! Phoney security! Unplugged courtyard, of you are reading this, please take action. I have no complaints regarding the service inside the place, plus the music is great

Rashika Aggarwal reviewed Unplugged Courtyard1 star
October 23

The food no doubt was good.
But really rude behaviour by the waiter.
First, he started asking my fiance his name ! I mean once we got registered outside wid the security , y on earth does the waiter want t knw that?
N then, he kept his hand over my fiancé 's shoulder while talking!
N then d worst part. We ordered coke which was hell diluted with water. On top of that he didn't include it in our bill.But wen he got us the bill, he asked us to pay the amount fr d coke in cas...h. N he said that if we ask fr a bill, he'd even add taxes to it. We still insisted on getting d bill to which he refused. Since we were getting late we jus gav him all d money n left. But this was really pathetic.
I hope the management will look into it. Its your own loss after all

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Madhav Babbar reviewed Unplugged Courtyard5 star

One of the finest places in CP. The ambience is really amazing with plush interiors and a very nice outdoor sitting.
Everything, from the food, to the music and the staff, all was superb.
Enjoyed being here and would love to come again..

Neha Sharma reviewed Unplugged Courtyard4 star

Nice place to spend some good time with friends. The seats were very comfortable. The decor was good but since we went in the afternoon, there was no live music. But the non conditioned area must be good in the evening with live music I'm sure.

Akansha Gupta reviewed Unplugged Courtyard2 star

I was waiting for long to be at UC..but it was not a good experience there..all area was already reserved so luckily we found space inside..for order u hv to call the person again n again they didnt even provide u water to was not upto expectations n whn asked for bill they charge additional service charge 10% after GST and whn i asked to deduct it they said y ma'am u didnt like our service... seriously i was eagerly waiting to go there but now i would suggest not to go there...