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Heard the Latest?


From homemade lava to a necklace that ‘hears’ what you eat, some highlights from a year of discovery.

In Memoriam

Noted UB graduate Brad Grey, ’79, whose career in entertainment played like its own Hollywood fairytale, passed away on May 14 at the age of 59.

UB in the News


Rick Su tells The Atlantic federal immigration agents rely on local and state police forces to identify individuals who are in violation of immigration law.


Many in international education are uneasy because of campaign rhetoric, Stephen Dunnett tells the Associated Press.


Anne Curtis tells the New York Times that, yes, it is possible to die from broken-heart syndrome.


UB police chief Gerald Schoenle says teachers should never be armed, in an interview with Wallethub.com.


Mark Bartholomew tells Fox News that this would be the first crack at making these companies liable for what shows up on our feeds.