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'Check out mouth-watering recipe videos here: http://www.myrecipes.com/well-done'
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'Brownie BOMB Bars Full Recipe Here : https://goo.gl/T7X3LC'
'SOUTHERN PECAN PRALINE SHEET CAKE 1 box Betty Crocker butter pecan cake mix 16 oz. can Betty Crocker Coconut Pecan Frosting 4 large eggs 3/4 Cup canola or coconut oil 1 Cup half-and-half for increased flavor instead of water Full Recipe Here : https://goo.gl/eFqgjU Please Say Something to keep getting my recipes, thank you'
'Lazy Eggs I highly recommend you try these out the next time you are craving something different for your breakfast. They’d even be great for a brunch. GET FULL RECIPE HERE : https://goo.gl/d5G1nr'
'Skillet Cabbage!! Fulll Recipe Here : https://goo.gl/kPuUdr Please Say Something to keep getting my recipes, thank you'
'I’ve been steadily losing weight (28lbs since last year, and my BMI is in the healthy range), but my cholesterol and triglycerides are still higher than they should be. So I took the advice that I give everyone: I went to a registered dietitian, I was absolutely honest with him and myself about what I was eating, and we’re making some adjustments to my eating patterns. I don’t have to cut calories, but I need to exercise more regularly and get more of those calories from veggies. I’m not looking at this as “cutting foods out,” I’m looking at this as a medically corrective diet. Some people in my family on both sides have had high cholesterol, and I don’t know if it’s genetic or not, but food is a good place to start in managing this. My RD even gave me homework: this salad. It’s pretty damn tasty. I bought goddamn parsley to make this. WHO AM I?! #registereddietitiansapproved #healthyeating'
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I dug into my recipe archives and pulled out a few...
44 zucchini recipes to serve all summer long: http://ctrylv.co/HH…
'44 zucchini recipes to serve all summer long: http://ctrylv.co/HHutL6B'
Broccoli & Cheese Soup KICKED up a notch! Recipe: https://iambaker.ne… (Don't miss my final tip for the "adult" version!)
Lose 17 – 22 Pounds In 3 Weeks With Oranges!
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