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Estate - New American Restaurant - Chicago, Illinois | Facebook - 672 Reviews - 3,724 Photos
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Laura Patricia Madlangbayan

Champagne Supernova NYE Party @ Estate!! Top Shelf Open Bar, Appetizers Including Wagyu Steak Skewers & Lobster Hush Puppies, Champagne Toast, Party Favors And Much Much More

Call Or Message Me For Tickets & More Info

— at Estate.
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Melissa Diaz reviewed Estate1 star
March 19

This is place is ridiculously expensive, the staff is extremely incompetent especially the security! Plus, they steal your cards so they can have a good time on your expense!
Tried to close my tab, and the rude ass bartender told me my card wasn’t there. They said I never opened a tab , when my card WAS in fact swiped and charged. I told them I opened my tab and wanted my card back, then “owner” comes up to me and says I’m the owner get the fuck out your card isn’t here drunk.... Then rips my phone out of my hands, the tells the security to drag me out. 3 wanna be security guards then start pushing me out of the place and I over heard one of them say just drag her ass out. The owner then starts screaming at me get the fck out bitch. Never in my life have I ever experienced this. This place is run by an immature brat who has hides behind is fake security. Never again

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Hugo Gonzalez reviewed Estate1 star

Shitty place run by shitty people.

An incompetent "bartender" told me a bucket of 5 modelos was 45$ the next second my friend walks up to also order 5 modelos, but the bartender told him it was 25$.
Got kicked out of 2 tables, because people were buying bottles. Idk why they would waste their money on this shit hole.
After 3 hours of being there, the whole club has to check in their coats. 4$ a jacket. But its ok to have hoodies in there....
Security personnel are also dancing and drinking but their specialty is to walk up to you and ask you if everything is ok, which got annoying after a while.

The coat check lady downstairs should be upstairs, dont leave here in that dungeon. Shame you all!

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Dearester Rodgers reviewed Estate2 star

Loved the actual bar and it's drinks/pizza delivery. Hated that the restaurant closes when the lounge opens. Plus, both of their DJs are HORRIBLE. Kept turning the music up as if they're tone deaf. 1 whole side of the bar was holding their ears and no one cared. I care too much about my ear drums to go back to that place.

Maribel Servin-Vela reviewed Estate1 star

This club is lame!!! We came from California to have a good time and it took us over 30 minutes to get in the club. Keep in mind this was in 20 degree weather. Ridiculous!!!! We asked the security guard to have some mercy on us as we are Californians and his reply was “the line is moving”. Still took another half an hour to get in. I don’t understand what is so exclusive about this place but won’t be coming back. You don’t make your people stand in line for over an hour in 20 degree weather. That’s just cruel!

Mari Love Cruz reviewed Estate1 star
January 21

This place should be shut down and re-open by Respectful people they take your money and treat you like shit then they don’t want to give you your money back I hate this place I would never go back and I recommend everyone not to waste their time going there ������

Rich Cotter reviewed Estate5 star

This place is the bomb! 2 roof top areas with Dj’s pushing underground dance music! A great view of chicago on the river, the Dj’s get to play an amazing brand new equipment! It’s the absolute best venue for dance music n good Justin Martin “feelzzz”. This is the venue Lady Gaga should go after she gets out of the bikram yoga studio! She will burn more carbs dancing to techno🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Jessica Juarez reviewed Estate1 star

Not worth the wait. We came here because we were referred to this place and waited one hour and a half in 20 degree weather. We came from California and expected better treatment as tourists. Not worth it. Do not come here. Nothing but ratchet people and security guys that don’t care about their customers.

Paul Anthony reviewed Estate5 star

Excited for us (Gettoblaster) to play it for the first time tonight!! My few times I’ve been there tho have been off the hook!! Beautiful views . I do remember having lobster mac there that was bomb too!

Val Er Ie reviewed Estate1 star

Not even 1 star, the line didn't move for an hr and a half because the bouncers kept passing ppl up for large groups. Lame. Got inside and it's not even all that, walked right out and got my dub back for parking.