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People talk about late night munchies

I live in Lebanon, TN, and have frequently patronized Jack in the Box #6927 at 509 S Cumberland Street for many years -- ever since it first opened.

On May 16, 2018, I drove up and attempted to redeem an emailed offer I had received for Buttery Jacks. The offer was Buy One Get One Free. The attendant informed me that the restaurant had been sold to a new franchisee, and that the new owners had decided not to accept any "digital coupons" (her words). She explained that they wo...uld be accepting only printed coupons, as from newspaper ads, and validated register receipts.

But, being a loyal JIB customer, I placed my order anyway: 2 Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jacks, an order of Onion Rings, and a large unsweet iced tea.

To add insult to injury, the attendant misunderstood my order. She served me -- and charged for -- TWO orders of Onion Rings. So my total bill came to a whopping $18.53 -- roughly twice what I had planned on spending.

At least the food was hot, fresh, and delicious, the iced tea was fresh and cold, and the service was fast.

Refusing to accept discount coupons sent out from Jack in the Box Corporate by email is a bad business decision which is likely to cost this franchisee dearly. By doing so, he is, in effect, driving away his most loyal customers -- those who think enough of Jack in the Box to sign up for email and text notifications. But it appears that they'll have to learn the hard way.

I'm a retired veterinarian. I practiced in Lebanon, TN for 36 years. I can tell you that around here, babies' first words are not "Mama" or "Dada," they're "How much you gonna charge me?" People here in Lebanon love discount coupons, and will probably never return to a place that treats them as I was treated on May 16th when I attempted to redeem one.

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Heather Lynn Thompson reviewed Jack in the Box1 star

(This is my experience this evening at the Easley, SC Jack in the Box. I won't be returning.) I just got home from the worst experience ever with "fast food." After a trip to Lowe's with my husband and three year old we decided to stop at Jack in the Box on the way home. There were a few cars in the drive through ahead of us; no biggie. We ordered ten nuggets, an ultimate cheeseburger, fries, egg roll, jalapeno poppers, and a chicken pita. When got to the window kayley told u...s they're out of pita bread, and asked what do we want instead. I don't have the menu memorized so I asked if there's a grilled chicken club sandwich, and she turned to ask someone else if they even have that. Then she turned back to say that they don't have salads. I told her I asked for a sandwich and she said that she can't remember things. Ok then. So I clarified that I asked for a grilled chicken club sandwich, and someone else said sure, we have that. She took my card, handed me my food, and asked me to pull around for the sandwich. We were 25 minutes in at that point. I sent my husband in to wait for the sandwich (and get sauce for the eggroll, etc) because by this point there were a bunch of people waiting inside. He asked about the sandwich after five minutes and was told it was deleted from the screen when we drove around. Ok, but that doesn't mean you don't have to make and give me the product I paid for. Ten minutes later I went inside to ask what was taking so long, and no one responded. I made a point of saying that it had been 40 minutes in the drive through with cold food in the truck and a sandwich that we didn't even want to begin with that had yet to be made. We left. We could have gone to a sit down restaurant and been served by that point, or gone to the grocery store and cooked a meal by then, but instead we came home short a sandwich, with cold food to boot. I will not be back. I wish there was a way to get my money back for the sandwich that was suddenly ready (miraculously at the same time as all of the food for the poor guy behind us who had to pull around as well) by the time we were sitting at the red light to go home. There is absolutely no excuse for this service.

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Barbara Bacon-Lady Wielenbeck reviewed Jack in the Box1 star

If I could give minus stars I would .

I use to love coming to jack in the box , but now it’s a waist of my time and money to even attempt to eat at your restaurants I live in Vancouver wa , and I tried to give your company the benefit of the Doubt but each one I’ve went to the staff is as rude as rude gets the food is so poorly made it could be considered Unedible . You stand at the cash register waiting for up to 20 min when no one is ahead of you ( it’s like the employe...es don’t care) my favorite use to be the tacos but there not even worth the gut Ache you get Trying to eat them. They have become so greasy and almost no meat on them if any , I took pictures of what I got and it’s not good at all , this will probably be the last time I give jack in the box a chance , I even waited a year to come back to see if it has improved , if anything it’s only gotten worse. I’m sorry your company has gone down hill so much that your loosening yet another family to bad quality

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Bria Welch reviewed Jack in the Box1 star

This evening, two friends and I went into the drive thru at the Jack In The Box at 1350 W Broadway Rd
Tempe, AZ 85282 United States. I can’t give the number because the staff did not give me a receipt. After watching them serve someone by foot at the window (an extreme violation of safety laws and the sign posted on the window) we were given attitude by the cashier when asking for a shake. We were told that the machine was off (weird to shut off a product if you’re 24 hours)... and was given constant attitude throughout the ordering process and when I wanna as given my order, it was still wrong. We went through the order three times at the menu board, once at the window, and I was still given the wrong food. On top of that, we were given horrible customer service and were seemingly a bother rather than a paying customer. After asking for 2 packets of ranch and 2 packets of BBQ, one of each were thrown at me. After spending money at your establishment I wasn’t given a receipt and your cashier left the window and didn’t appear to be coming back although I waited for approximately a minute and a half. Everything about this experience was terrible and that’s hard to say since everyone in the car is a part of the foodservice industry; teach your employees to have some respect.

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Edith Barton reviewed Jack in the Box1 star

never in my 62 years have I ate a bacon swiss hamburger and french fries that was as horrible as that. I don't even think it was beef. I am not a picky person but I love hamburgers and that was not like anything I have ever experienced. It looked nice and was packaged well but the taste was just so terrible. I did not like the french fries either. We ordered the Tacos, too, since they were 2 for a dollar. I kid you not. They were flat as they could be and uneatable because the edges were like hard and tough and the center was smooshy and soggy. It was bad, so bad.

Just went to jack in the box and it’s 10:50pm nobody is in line behind me and the girl says “what can I get for you” I tell her I just need a min, she then says “are you ready yet” and I tell her I’m not. I then let her know I’m ready and wait for the okay and before I could even get my sandwich Oder out of my mouth she cuts me off and asks what I size fry and what drink. She was sooo rude! I backed all the way out and had to leave I am completely in shock of how nasty her attitude was towards me. This is at the Oildale jack n the box in Bakersfield, CA

Kathy Baltierra reviewed Jack in the Box3 star

Dearest jack ,

I tried one of your new floats, I got the cherry Sprite. It looked delicious on the menu. So I put the straw in and drove the 1.5 miles back to my home. By the time I got home the float had risen up over the lid. So I know have sticky ice cream and soda all over my cup holder and on the rug in my car. I'm not sure if it happened because I put the straw in, but it could present a problem when people try and drink it in their cars. If I was drinking it while driving it would have gotten all over my clothes as well as my car possibly causing a driving distraction as well. Just a heads up.

I used to love this place. But over the years, the Boulder City, NV location has turned into crap. Last night was the last straw. I bought jalepeno poppers for my mom who is a vegetarian and they gave me a mix of poppers and chicken nuggets. Not only that, but the poppers were no good. She spent the night throwing up... she's 70 years old and not in the best of health as it is. I will never go back to Jack in the Box.

Griselda Mitchell reviewed Jack in the Box1 star

I stopped at Arleta "Jack in the Box" to get a bit for my daughter and I this morning. After getting our (to-go) order, I walked over to the fountain drink area to get a straw for my iced coffee... When I slipped and fell hitting the fountain stand with my knee and went down. I used my right hand to try and support myself but lost grip and hurt my right knee and right hand. I'm writing a review because of the lack insensitivity from both staff and store managers. ...The janitor and customers were the only human people expressing concern and empathy towards seeing a woman slip and fall. I got up as fast as I could because of course your also embarrassed as people see you go down and your not able to get up easily. I asked my daughter to go let the manager know I slipped and he only asked what drink did I have and replaced. He did not ask if I was ok, he looked my way and kept working. Once I was ready to leave, I limped over to him and told him I wanted to file a report of the incident and he did not ask any questions or ask if I was ok, he "Drodrigo" handed me a receipt and told me to write my name./address. Once I finished, customers were asking me if I was ok because they seen me fall and heard the loud fall from across the restaurant. Other Customer, also noticed the HORRIBLE customer service and the lack of attention. Once I handed my information to a lady "Gordrodis" that said she was a manager, she too did not say one word or express empathy toward the incident. I asked for proof of my incident report that they would file and she was rude and said it would be filed on Monday since they were closed, and someone would contact me. I felt upset because no one bothered to check on me and my fall. Due to the lack of insensitivity and professionalism I asked to summit an incident report. This is unacceptable behavior from both staff and management especially because both my hand and knee are red and hurting.

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Benjamin Raven reviewed Jack in the Box1 star

At store 1542 in San Tan Valley Arizona. I’m ordering inside. I place my order, the cashier swipes my card, and never gives my card back to me as he is handling other orders. He then hands me my food, I ask for my card. He doesn’t have it.

I have never left his sight. Stood in front at register the entire time. He looks around for a minute then goes back to work. No one does anything.

It took me calling the police for them to address the situation. They waited until it esca...lated that far to even ATTEMPT to help me.

Card is in the wind, while I’m on vacation in Arizona by way of Detroit from the weekend.

This is embarrassingly unacceptable.

They managed to make sure they got paid for my order, then threw my card away in shocking fashion.

Also, I’m lactose intolerant and asked for no cheese and they couldn’t even handle that.

The managers didn’t care. They ignored me until I informed them I called the police.

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