Paul Bauman.

Paul Bauman

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

611 Furnas Hall



Ph.D., Computational and Applied Mathematics, The University of Texas at Austin, 2008

Research Interests

High performance and parallel computing, finite element methods for multiphysics problems, error estimation, adaptive mesh refinement, adaptive modeling, chemically reacting flows, statistical inverse problems, continuum mechanics, portable and reusable scientific software.

Selected Publications

  • Benjamin S. Kirk, Roy H. Stogner, Paul T. Bauman, Todd A. Oliver, “Modeling hypersonic entry with the fully-implicit Navier-Stokes (FIN-S) stabilized finite element flow solver”, Computers and Fluids, 92, 281-292, 2014
  • N. Malaya, K. C. Estacio-Hiroms, R. H. Stogner, K. W. Schulz, P. T. Bauman, G. F. Carey, “MASA: A Library for Verification Using Manufactured and Analytical Solu- tions”, Engineering with Computers, 29 (4), 487-496, 2013
  • Karl W. Schulz, Rhys Ulerich, Nicholas Malaya, Paul T. Bauman, Roy Stogner, Chris Simmons, “Early experiences porting scientific applications to the Many Integrated Core (MIC) platform”, TACC-Intel Highly Parallel Computing Symposium, Austin, Texas, 2012
  • P. T. Bauman, J. T. Oden, S. Prudhomme, “Adaptive Multiscale Modeling of Polymeric Materials: Arlequin Coupling and Goals Algorithms”, Comput. Methods Appl. Mech. Engrg., 198, 799--818, 2009.
  • P. T. Bauman, H. Ben Dhia, N. Elkhodja, J. T. Oden, S. Prudhomme, “On the Application of the Arlequin Method to the Coupling of Particle and Continuum Models”, Computational Mechanics, 42(4), 511--530, 2008.
  • S. Prudhomme, P. T. Bauman, J. T. Oden, “Error Control for Molecular Statics Problems”, Int. J. Multiscale Comp. Eng., 4, 647 -- 662, 2006.