Doctoral Degrees

The minimum requirements for both the Mechanical Engineering and the Aerospace Engineering PhD programs consist of a minimum of 48 credit hours of graduate course work and 12-24 credit hours of dissertation work, for a total of 72 credit hours. A maximum of six credit hours of the 48 credit hour course requirement may be fulfilled by MS Thesis (six (6) credit hours) or MS Project (three (3) credit hours) completed at the University at Buffalo. Transfer credit policy for students entering with an MS degree from outside the Department was stated previously in Sec. 1.8. Effective Fall 2007, all PhD students must have taken the GRE tests.

Normally, at least three academic years of full-time graduate study, beyond the baccalaureate degree, are required to complete the PhD degree requirements. The selection of the program of courses and the student's dissertation research are under the supervision of a PhD program committee chaired by the student's advisor.

Students Entering PhD Program with MS degree

Students who already have a Masters degree, an outstanding academic background and highly interested in research can pursue their PhD degree by entering the PhD program. All applicants to the PhD program must take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) before their application to the program can be assessed.

Students Entering PhD Program without MS degree

Students with outstanding undergraduate studies and a high level of interest in research can pursue their PhD degree by directly entering the PhD program. During this pursuit, if the student wishes to take MS instead of PhD for special reasons, they need to first seek for the approval from their advisor. The request needs to be submitted by the advisor to Graduate Studies Committee for final approval.

PhD Program for Continuing Students

Students completing the MS program in UB's MAE department who wish to proceed to the PhD program must re-apply following the standard admission procedure. All applicants to the PhD program must take the GRE before their application to the program. This requirement holds even if the applicant previously earned an MS degree or equivalent at UB or elsewhere and had not taken the GRE.