ISE Seminar Series

photo of a woman speaking at a seminar.

The ISE Seminar Series bring speakers to talk about cutting-edge ISE-related research with the generous support of donors to ISE. 

2019-2020 Speakers

FALL 2019

September 24-Distinguished Alumni Seminar Series: Masatoshi Wakabayashi, MSIE’92, UB: Global Project Business in Intralogistics Automation

November 15- Distinguished Researcher Series Seminar (co-sponsored with INFORMS): Alice Smith, Auburn University: Understanding the Journal Paper Process and Writing Papers that will be Chosen for Publication

2018-2019 Speakers

FALL 2018

October 19- Siqian Shen, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor: "Optimization Methods for the Design and Operations of Complex Mobility Systems"

October 29- Mike North, National Football League: "Creating the NFL Schedule"

November 2- Simage Küçükyavuz, Northwestern University

November 9- Rong Pan, Arizona State University

November 30- Gino Lim, University of Houston: "Drone-aided Healthcare Delivery for Patients with Chronic Diseases in Rural Areas and Uncertain Battery Duration"

December 5- Laura Stanley, Clemson University


March 8th: Dr. Joseph Sarkis (Professor, Worchester Polytechnic Institute)

April 5th: Dr. Jianjun Shi (The Carolyn J. Stewart Chair and Professor, Georgia Tech)

April 19th: Dr. Nathan Lau (Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech)

April 26th: Dr. Roshanak Nateghi (Assistant Professor, Purdue University)

2017-2018 Speakers

FALL 2017

September 15- Judy Edworthy, Plymouth University 

September 22- Hongyue Sun, University at Buffalo 

September 29- Peter Elkin, University at Buffalo 

October 20- Sunderesh Heragu, Oklahoma State University 

November 3- Jan Shi, Georgia Institute of Technology 

November 10- Mark Chignell, University of Toronto

December 1- Fei Fang, Carnegie Mellon University 

December 8- Matthew Plumlee, Northwestern University 


February 16- Vladimir Boginski, University of Central Florida

March 9- Linsey Steege, University of Wisconsin- Madison

March 16- Joy Bhadury, SUNY Brockport

April 6- James Bliss, Old Dominion University

April 13- SangHyun Lee, University of Michigan

April 20- Young-Jun Son, University of Arizona

April 27- David Mendonca, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

2016-2017 Speakers

February 17 - Sibel Alumur Alev, University of Waterloo: "Design of Intermodal Hub Networks with Different Vehicle Types"

February 3 - Jim Blythe, University of Southern California: "Modeling Human Behavior to Improve Cyber Security"

December 9 - Philip J. Smith, Ohio State University: "1. Distributed Work in the National Airspace System. 2. Industrial and Systems Engineering at OSU: Directions for the Future."

December 2 - Biplab Bhattacharya, University at Buffalo: "Tackling Inequity in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains using Mobile Pharmacies in Low-resource Countries"

November 21 - T. Kirubarajan (Kiruba), McMaster University: "Bias Estimation and Sensor Registration for Target Tracking"

September 30 - Catherine Burns, Waterloo: "Human Factors 2020: Adjusting our methods for the next generation of problems."

September 23 - Eric Williams, Rochester Institute of Technology: "Characterizing and managing energy consumption using Time-use"

2015-2016 Speakers

September 11 - David Hostler, University at Buffalo: "Heat stress and performance among structural firefighters"

October 2 - Ibrahim Tarik Ozbolat, Penn State University: "3D Bioprinting of Living Tissues and Organs"

October 9 - Donald Wagner, Office of Naval Research: "Bipartite and Eulerian Minors"

October 23 - Prahalad Rao, Binghamton University: "Graph Theoretic Approaches for Analysis of Complex Systems and Processes: Application to Manufacturing and Neurophysiology"

December 4 - Michael Trick, Carnegie Mellon University: "Sports Scheduling, Benders, and Business Analytics"

December 11 - Michael (Mike) North, NFL: "Creating the NFL Schedule"

February 5 - Frank Ritter, Penn State University: “Modeling Novice to Expert Performance with a Modeling Compiler”

February 19 - Moustapha Diaby, University of Connecticut

March 1 - Patrick Dempsey, NIOSH

March 4 - Chris Paradis, Georgia Tech

March 11 - Anna Nagurney, University of Massachusetts

April 1 - Dan Guide, Penn State University: "False Failure Returns: An Experimental Investigation of Supply Chain Coordination"


April 8 - Jos Aarts, University at Buffalo

April 22 - Sundar Krishnamurty, University of Massachusetts

May 6 - Carolina Osorio, MIT

2014-2015 Speakers

Sept 12 - Jose Walteros, University at Buffalo: "A Mathematical Programming Framework for Detecting Sybil Communities in Online Social Networks"

Sept 26 - Josepth Guenes, University of Florida: "Production Planning with Price Dependent Supply Capacity"

October 3 - Dan Salyn, Programs, Management, Analytics and Technologies (PMAT) Incorporated: "The State of Innovation in the Department of Defense"

October 10 - Opher Baron, University of Toronto "From Product Form Queues to Queue Decomposition: The State-Dependent Mn/Gn/1 Example"

October 17 - Shuya Yin, University of California, Irvine

October 31 - Denis Cormier, Rochester Institute of Technology

November 10 - Daniel Fox, University of Virginia: "The Role of Virtual Reality Driving Simulation from the Health Care Perspective"

November 21 - Sean Wu, University at Buffalo 

December 5 - Mike Wei, University at Buffalo

January 30 - Murat Kurt, University at Buffalo

February 13 - Sara Czaja, University of Miami

February 20 - Michael Kim, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto: "Approximate Learning Trajectories for Bayesian Bandits""

March 6 - Occupational Safety and Health Lecture - Susan Moir, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

March 13 - Ling Rothrock, Pennsylvania State University

March 23 - Diwakar Gupta, Director, CMMI Program, NSF

March 27 - Alejandro Rivera, International Distinguished Alumnus

April 10 - Robert Dell, Naval Post Graduate School

April 17 - Edwin Romeijn, Georgia Institute of Technology

April 24 - Linda Nozick, Cornell University

May 1 - Sergiy Butenko, Texas A & M

May 8 - Steven Smith, Carnegie Mellon University

2013-2014 Speakers

Sept 27 - Pitu Mirchandani - Arizona State U: "Routing, logistics, and management of recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles"

Oct 4 - Hossein Abouee Mehrizi, University of Waterloo: "Multi-period Proactive Transshipment for Perishable Products"

Oct 11 - Lin Li, University of Illinois at Chicago: "A novel modeling method for joint production and energy efficiency management of sustainable manufacturing systems"

Nov 1 - Jose Ramirz-Marquez, Stevens Institute of Technology: "Advances in Resilience Engineering"

Nov 8 - Gul Kremer, Pennsylvania State University: "Sustainability through Product Architecture Optimization: A Graph Partitioning View"

Nov 15 - Yangfeng Ouyang, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Nov 22 - Birsen Donmez, University of Toronto

December 6 - Oleg Prokopyev, University of Pittsburgh

January 3 - Victor Richmond R. Jose, Georgetown University

January 31 - Cole Smith, University of Florida

February 7 - Garud Iyengar, Columbia University "An Axiomatic Approach to System Risk"

February 28 - Mark Daskin, University of Michigan Ann Arbor "Nurse Staffing Models and Analysis"

March 7 - Pinar Keskinock, Georgia Institute of Technology "Operations Management Applications in Healthcare"

March 14 - Maria Moyorga, North Carolina State University "A Colorectal Cancer Screening Model Incorporating Patient Choice"

March 28 - Willie Cade, PC Rebuilders and Recyclers

April 4 - Ben Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology

April 11 - Karl Sigman, Columbia University

April 28 - Karim Abdel-Malek, University of Iowa

April 25 - Julie Higle, University of Southern California

May 2 - Brian Denton, University of Michigan Ann Arbor