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An article on Digital Journal about a free all-hazard disaster alerting network telephone app to help ordinary citizens be able to mobilize and assemble voluntary emergency response teams in the event of a disaster notes that a UB study by Jun Zhuang found that tweets during the Boston Marathon bombings, Louisiana floods and Hurricane Harvey spread misinformation and caused delays and false reports for emergency rescues.
An article on Metro reports on UB research that showed that most people on Twitter who share false information don’t correct or delete their erroneous tweets, helping them spread even more, and interviews Jun Zhuang, associate professor of industrial and systems engineering.
An article in The Washington Post about a new UB study that showed that during disasters, active Twitter users are likely to spread false news, either by retweeting or “liking” the original post, interviews Jun Zhuang, associate professor of industrial and systems engineering.

The Inclusive Launch program helps female students and students with diverse backgrounds embrace the idea of entrepreneurship.

An article on Digital Trends reports a new study by Jun Zhuang, associate professor of industrial and systems engineering, found that less than 10 percent of Twitter users expressed doubt when responding to a false tweet and that between 86 percent and 91 percent of users in the study retweeted or liked the original post.

A SEAS workshop designed to give students a better understanding of additive manufacturing closed with a 3D car race.

International Business Times covered research by Jun Zhuang, associate professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems, who studied twitter use after Hurricane Sandy and the Boston Marathon bombing, finding that up to 90 percent of twitter users spread false news and less than 10 percent sought to confirm it.

Study examines Boston Marathon bombing, Hurricane Sandy; also finds most users fail to correct misinformation.