Hratch Kouyoumdjian

Hratch Kouyoumdjian.

Hratch Kouyoumdjian, MS '70, is the Founder, President and CEO of The KPA Group, a well-respected small engineering and architectural consulting practice headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing services to major institutional, academic, microelectronic and aviation clients for the past 28 years.

Kouyoumdjian is recognized for his extensive work on major projects in many parts of the world and for extensive renovation work on significant historic structures in the US. The firm’s projects have won several awards.

Kouyoumdjian's prior experience includes 10 years at Cygna Consulting Engineers with last four years as President.

Hratch grew up in Baghdad and received his BSc in '67 from an American Jesuit University (now closed), and continued his education at UB, receiving his MS in 70. Hratch worked several years in Buffalo before moving to the West Coast.