Douglas J. Hillman

Douglas J. Hillman.

Douglas J. Hillman, BS ’82, MBA ’89, is President, CEO, and Director for Aerosonic Corporation in Clearwater, Florida. Aerosonic (NYSE AMEX, symbol AIM) is a designer and manufacturer of air data sensors, instrumentation, and display systems for commercial and military aircraft.

Doug has more than 30 years of experience leading the development of high performance teams with a focus on service and business excellence. His industry experience includes aerospace, defense, communications, and power systems, with an emphasis on improving operations while developing and deploying new products and services.

He has worked for Cooper Power Systems, Moog Inc., Bird Technologies, and Kearfott Motion Systems prior to joining Aerosonic in 2008 as its Chief Executive Officer. He earned a BS in electrical engineering and an MBA from the University at Buffalo.