Research Grants: Calendar Year 2019

Award Date Principal Investigator(s) Department Award Title Sponsor Amount    
12/23/2019 Kenny Joseph, Atri Rudra, Huei-Yen Chen, Varun Chandola and Melanie D. Sage
Computer Science and Engineering
FAI: Building a Fair Recommender System for Foster Care Services within the Constraints of a Sociotechnical System National Science Foundation $452,631    
12/12/2019 Huamin Li Electrical Engineering CAREER: Toward sub-60-mV/decade steep transistors using Dirac-source carrier injection and high-mobility 2D monochalcogenides National Science Foundation $500,000    
9/19/2019 Jeffrey R. Errington, Erin M. Rowley, Bina Ramamurthy and Kristen R. Moore in collaboration with the City College of New York (CUNY)
HDR DSC: Collaborative Research: Connecting the Dots National Science Foundation $477,224    

Rudiyanto Gunawan in collaboration with the University of Alabama, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, University of California, San Diego and the University of Rhode Island

Chemical and Biological Engineering Collaborative Research: MEMONET: Understanding memory in neuronal networks through a brain-inspired spin-based artificial intelligence National Science Foundation
8/31/2019 Jinhui Xu and Mingchen Gao Computer Science and Engineering
III: Small: Novel Geometric Algorithms for Learning from Big Biomedical Data National Science Foundation $499,999    
8/27/2019 Paschalis Alexandridis and Marina Tsianou, in collaboration with University of Utah Chemical and Biological Engineering
Collaborative Research: Fluorinated Surfactants: Molecular Organization and Binding in Solution and on Surfaces National Science Foundation $282,227    
8/23/2019 Uttam Singisetti, Jung-Hun Seo, Peter Qiang Liu, Jonathan P. Bird, Sambandamurthy Ganapathy Electrical Engineering and Materials Design and Innovation
MRI:Acquisition of Ultra high Performance Electron Beam Lithography System for the Western New York Region National Science Foundation $1,000,000    
8/23/2019 Lu Su Computer Science and Engineering
NSF Student Travel Grant for the 2019 ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (ACM SenSys 2019) National Science Foundation $18,400    
8/21/2019 Blaine Pfeifer and Elsa Bou Ghanem Chemical and Biological Engineering The efficacy of Liposomal Encapsulation of Polysaccharides pneumococcal vaccine in protecting aged hosts against invasive Streptococcus pneumoniae infections in murine models National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health
8/14/2019 Matthew Knepley, in collaboration with San Diego State University, University of  North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Northwestern University
Computer Science and Engineering Collaborative Research: Frameworks: Multiphase Fluid-Structure Interaction Software Infrastructure to Enable Applications in Medicine, Biology, and Engineering National Science Foundation $504,431    
8/7/2019 Ehsan Esfahani Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering EAGER:AI-DCL:Cognitive-Behavior Model to Predict Human Reaction to Swarm AI Non-Compliance National Science Foundation $298,734    
8/1/2019 Barbara Rita Alevriadou Biomedical Engineering Control of Endothelial Mechanotransduction by the Mitochondrial Ca2+ Uniporter: Implications for Atherosclerosis National Institutes of Health/National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
7/30/2019 Vasili Perebeinos, Andrea Alu, Quanxi Jia, Dmitri Kharzeev, Fatemeh Shahedipour-Sandvik Electrical Engineering QLCI-CG: Design of Novel Functional Materials for Quantum Devices National Science Foundation $149,713    
7/30/2019 Paschalis Alexandridis Chemical and Biological Engineering
Workshop on Formulation Science and Engineering for the Common Good National Science Foundation
7/26/2019 Minghui Zheng, Xiao Liang and Sara Behdad Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering FW-HTF-P: Human-Robot Collaboration in Disassembly for Future Remanufacturing National Science Foundation $149,950     
7/9/2019 Chong Cheng Chemical and Biological Engineering
Polymer-Antibiotic Conjugates as Antibacterial Additives for Dental Resins National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research
7/1/2019 Qiaoqiang Gan and University of Wisconsin-Madison
Electrical Engineering EAGER: Collaborative Research: Cold vapor generation beyond the input solar energy limit and its condensation using thermal radiation National Science Foundation $120,000    
6/1/2019 Jeffrey Errington and Andrew Schultz
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Development of Molecular Simulation Methods to Compute Phase and Interfacial Properties of Complex Fluids National Science Foundation $394,442    
6/6/2019 Olga Wodo, Jaroslaw Zola and Iowa State University
Materials Design and Innovation
Collaborative Research: QRM: Microstructure Manifold Analysis Using Hierarchical Set of Morphological, Topological, and Process Descriptors National Science Foundation $318,369    
6/6/2019 Jaroslaw Zola, Steven Ko, Lauren Sassoubre Computer Science and Engineering
CNS Core: Small: Rethinking the Software Architecture for Mobile DNA Analysis National Science Foundation
6/5/2019 Matthew Bolton Industrial and Systems Engineering
FMitF: Collaborative Research: Track I: Preventing Human Errors in Cyber-human Systems with Formal Approaches to Human Reliability Rating and Model Repair National Science Foundation $375,000    
5/14/2019 Quanxi Jia Materials Design and Innovation Collaborative Research: ECCS-EPSRC: Development of uniform, low power, high density resistive memory by vertical interface and defect design National Science Foundation $250,000    
5/10/2019 Karthik Dantu Computer Science and Engineering CAREER: Enabling Seamless Vision Sensing in Cloud-Edge Systems National Science Foundation $549,369    
5/09/2019 Hui Meng Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Virtual Intervention of Intracranial Aneurysms National Institutes of Health $340,440    
4/25/2019 Marco Gaboardi Computer Science and Engineering
CAREER: FormalDP: Formally Verified, Private, Accurate and Efficient Data Analysis National Science Foundation $496,573    
4/24/2019 Varun Chandola, Nils Napp, Olga Wodo, Jaroslaw Zola
Computer Science and Engineering/Materials Design and Innovation OAC Core: Small: Scalable Non-linear Dimensionality Reduction Methods to Accelerate Scientific Discovery National Science Foundation $499,814    
3/14/2019 Josep Jornet Electrical Engineering CAREER: Realizing Ultra-Broadband Terahertz Communication Networks National Science Foundation $546,182    
3/14/2019 Nils Napp Computer Science and Engineering CAREER: Abstraction Barriers for Embodied Algorithms National Science Foundation $498,619    
3/8/2019 Mostafa Nouh Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Leveraging Metamaterials and Phase Control in ThermoAcoustic Systems National Science Foundation $399,590    
2/25/2019 Yun Wu/ Qiaoqiang Gan Biomedical/ Electrical Exosome-Protein-microRNA-OneStop (Exo-PROS) biosensor: a new liquid biopsy for cancer screening and early detection National Cancer Institute $183,769    
2/15/2019 Peter Qiang Liu Electrical Engineering CAREER: Unconventional Mid-infrared and Terahertz Sources Employing Graphene Plasmonics and Intersubband Transitions in Quantum Wells National Science Foundation $500,661    
2/13/2019 Lu Su Computer Science and Engineering
NSF Student Travel Grant for the 2019 IFIP Networking Conference (IFIP NETWORKING) National Science Foundation $15,000    
2/11/2019 Chi Zhou
Industrial and Systems Engineering
CAREER: 3D Printing of Multiscale, Multifunctional Porous Structures by Selectively Freezing Multidimensional Nanomaterials National Science Foundation
2/6/2019 Mostafa Nouh Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
CAREER: Metamaterials as Elastic Rectifiers: Exploiting the Non-reciprocal Mechanics of Time-Periodic Structures National Science Foundation $500,000    
2/5/2019 John Atkinson Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
REU Site: Environmental Engineering Solutions for Pollution Prevention National Science Foundation $359,875    
2/4/2019 Jaroslaw Zola Computer Science and Engineering CAREER: Scalable Software and Algorithmic Infrastructure for Probabilistic Graphical Modeling National Science Foundation $487,569    
1/30/2019 Shi Li Computer Science and Engineering
CAREER: Approximate Scheduling Algorithms via Mathematical Relaxations National Science Foundation $500,034