New Research Grants

Award Date Principal Investigator(s) Department Award Title Sponsor Amount    
7/9/2019 Chong Cheng Chemical and Biological Engineering
Polymer-Antibiotic Conjugates as Antibacterial Additives for Dental Resins National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research
7/1/2019 Qiaoqiang Gan and University of Wisconsin-Madison
Electrical Engineering EAGER: Collaborative Research: Cold vapor generation beyond the input solar energy limit and its condensation using thermal radiation National Science Foundation $120,000    
6/1/2019 Jeffrey Errington and Andrew Schultz
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Development of Molecular Simulation Methods to Compute Phase and Interfacial Properties of Complex Fluids National Science Foundation $394,442    
6/6/2019 Olga Wodo, Jaroslaw Zola and Iowa State University
Materials Design and Innovation
Collaborative Research: QRM: Microstructure Manifold Analysis Using Hierarchical Set of Morphological, Topological, and Process Descriptors National Science Foundation $318,369    
6/6/2019 Jaroslaw Zola, Steven Ko, Lauren Sassoubre Computer Science and Engineering
CNS Core: Small: Rethinking the Software Architecture for Mobile DNA Analysis National Science Foundation
6/5/2019 Matthew Bolton Industrial and Systems Engineering
FMitF: Collaborative Research: Track I: Preventing Human Errors in Cyber-human Systems with Formal Approaches to Human Reliability Rating and Model Repair National Science Foundation $375,000    
5/14/2019 Quanxi Jia Materials Design and Innovation Collaborative Research: ECCS-EPSRC: Development of uniform, low power, high density resistive memory by vertical interface and defect design National Science Foundation $250,000    
5/10/2019 Karthik Dantu Computer Science and Engineering CAREER: Enabling Seamless Vision Sensing in Cloud-Edge Systems National Science Foundation $549,369    
5/09/2019 Hui Meng Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Virtual Intervention of Intracranial Aneurysms National Institutes of Health $340,440    
4/25/2019 Marco Gaboardi Computer Science and Engineering
CAREER: FormalDP: Formally Verified, Private, Accurate and Efficient Data Analysis National Science Foundation $496,573    
4/24/2019 Varun Chandola, Nils Napp, Olga Wodo, Jaroslaw Zola
Computer Science and Engineering/Materials Design and Innovation OAC Core: Small: Scalable Non-linear Dimensionality Reduction Methods to Accelerate Scientific Discovery National Science Foundation $499,814    
3/14/2019 Josep Jornet Electrical Engineering CAREER: Realizing Ultra-Broadband Terahertz Communication Networks National Science Foundation $546,182    
3/14/2019 Nils Napp Computer Science and Engineering CAREER: Abstraction Barriers for Embodied Algorithms National Science Foundation $498,619    
3/8/2019 Mostafa Nouh Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Leveraging Metamaterials and Phase Control in ThermoAcoustic Systems National Science Foundation $399,590    
2/25/2019 Yun Wu/ Qiaoqiang Gan Biomedical/ Electrical Exosome-Protein-microRNA-OneStop (Exo-PROS) biosensor: a new liquid biopsy for cancer screening and early detection National Cancer Institute $183,769    
2/15/2019 Peter Qiang Liu Electrical Engineering CAREER: Unconventional Mid-infrared and Terahertz Sources Employing Graphene Plasmonics and Intersubband Transitions in Quantum Wells National Science Foundation $500,661    
2/13/2019 Lu Su Computer Science and Engineering
NSF Student Travel Grant for the 2019 IFIP Networking Conference (IFIP NETWORKING) National Science Foundation $15,000    
2/11/2019 Chi Zhou
Industrial and Systems Engineering
CAREER: 3D Printing of Multiscale, Multifunctional Porous Structures by Selectively Freezing Multidimensional Nanomaterials National Science Foundation
2/6/2019 Mostafa Nouh Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
CAREER: Metamaterials as Elastic Rectifiers: Exploiting the Non-reciprocal Mechanics of Time-Periodic Structures National Science Foundation $500,000    
2/5/2019 John Atkinson Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
REU Site: Environmental Engineering Solutions for Pollution Prevention National Science Foundation $359,875    
2/4/2019 Jaroslaw Zola Computer Science and Engineering CAREER: Scalable Software and Algorithmic Infrastructure for Probabilistic Graphical Modeling National Science Foundation $487,569    
1/30/2019 Shi Li Computer Science and Engineering
CAREER: Approximate Scheduling Algorithms via Mathematical Relaxations National Science Foundation $500,034