Care Support Policy for Conference Travel

SEAS recognizes the particular challenges faced by faculty in caring for children while still meeting expectations for conference travel.

In particular, mothers of nursing infants and single parents often have to forgo conference travel or personally pay for childcare to allow the travel. With these challenges in mind, and consistent with policies at peer institutions, SEAS is instituting the support of faculty members who need assistance with childcare expenses in order to travel to professional conferences, as follows: 


Single parents; two parent families where competing obligations make it impossible for the non‐travelling parent to provide care; mothers of infants needing to stay with an infant under age 24 months, or others with special hardships.

  • Funding is limited to $1,000 per fiscal year per faculty member 
  • Examples of covered costs: 
    • Childcare costs at the conference site 
    • Reasonable travel and related costs for a caregiver and dependent to accompany the faculty member to the conference 
    • Costs for extended childcare at home while the faculty member travels, beyond normal childcare costs 
  • Faculty member must be the presenting author of a paper at the conference or have another significant role 
  • Budget must be submitted and approved prior to travel and all normal restrictions on travel funding apply

Last updated January 3, 2017