Noelle Matthews

Noelle Matthews.


C, Kp-Kr, Pa, Engineering Science Online, Subsequent Degree

Education: BS in Mass Communications with a minor in Communication Studies, SUNY Oneonta; MPS in Human Resources, Stony Brook University

Academic Path: I initially pursued mass communications as I wanted to be a broadcaster for NASCAR. However, I became a tour guide with the undergraduate admissions office my first year at Oneonta and enjoyed working with prospective students. I stayed involved with the admissions office during my undergraduate career and became a resident assistant in Campus Housing, which led to jobs in admissions and academic advising. I enjoy meeting students when they enter the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and helping them navigate the program through graduation.

Specialty Areas: Prospective Transfer Student Recruitment and Articulations, Subsequent Degrees, Reconsideration, 3+2 transfer programs, Admissions Committee

Hobbies and Interests: Short order cook, chauffeur, cheerleader, banker, paramedic, recreation drector, loan officer and chief justice….I am the mom of two young boys! When I do get free time, I enjoy spending it with my husband and our boys, cooking, baking, crafting, reading and going to the gym.