Adam Trimper.

Adam Trimper

Electrical Engineering Major
Buffalo, NY

What are you involved in here at UB?

Student Leader for EAS 199: Engineering Principles and EAS 202: Engineering Impact on Society; Robotics Club project lead: Battlebots and IGVC (Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition); Science is Elementary at Westminster Charter School; Intramural Project: Snowbot (Autonomous Robotic Snowblower); Student Assistant in the Office of Undergraduate Education for SEAS

What's a fun fact about you?

I've played piano for 12 years and am an aficionado of father-esque humor.

What do you like most about UB/SEAS?

Not knowing anyone in the engineering department while also being a commuter student made me anxious about coming to UB, even as a local student. That worry was quickly dissolved as UB has endless opportunities to make friends through clubs and extracurricular  activities. Professors are friendly and open to questions, while having classes with people in the same major makes it easy to get to know colleagues.