Opportunities for Current Students

There are many resources available to students in the UB STEM program.

UB STEM Diversity students are encouraged to participate in a variety of opportunities to enhance their educational experience.




Through UB STEM, students are able to participate in volunteer and community engagement opportunities via our community partners. UB STEM hosts at least one service event per semester that focuses on using STEM skills to help the Buffalo community. 

Tifft Nature Preserve

Tifft Nature Preserve is a 264-acre nature refuge dedicated to conservation and environmental education. The Preserve was created in 1972 from land purchased by the City of Buffalo for a landfill site. Concerned citizens recognized the ecological importance of the site and convinced the city legislators to plan for the area’s preservation. The completed landfill incorporated many safety measures, allowing the land to have a new purpose, a nature preserve which opened in 1976. 

Buffalo ReUse

Buffalo ReUse, Inc. is an environmentally committed organization that serves the community through collaboration, education and training, while promoting re-use, reclamation and recycling. 

Buffalo Central Terminal

The history and legacy of the Buffalo Central Terminal is an integral part of Western New York from pre-Depression through war time to the present and adaptive reuse. The Art Deco masterpiece was built to handle over 200 trains and 10,000 passengers daily, as well as 1,500 New York Central employees. It included shops, a restaurant, soda fountain, parking garage and all other services required for daily passenger operations. Restoration of the Buffalo Central Terminal is ongoing. 

The Foundry

The Foundry is a project of Net+Positive whose mission is to activate models of neighborhood prosperity through innovations in entrepreneurship and education. The Foundry focuses on three things: Business Incubation, Youth Empowerment, and Community Education. 

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper

As the only science-based, community focused, advocacy organization in Western New York dedicated to protecting and restoring the quality and quantity of our most valuable natural asset, our work has become increasingly more important. Riverkeeper is committed to improving the legacy we leave for future generations. Our goal is for everyone to have access to fishable, swimmable and drinkable waterways throughout the Buffalo Niagara region. 

Grassroots Gardens WNY

Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo is an independent 501 (c) 3 organization devoted to helping people create and sustain community gardens on vacant, city-owned lots in Buffalo. The organization was started in 1992 by J. Milton Zeckhauser, a lifelong Buffalo resident and businessman who recognized the value community gardens would bring to Buffalo’s urban neighborhoods. What started as just a few gardens has blossomed into nearly 60 community gardens throughout the city on over 100 vacant lots. 

PUSH Buffalo

The mission of PUSH Buffalo is to mobilize residents to create strong neighborhoods with quality, affordable housing, expand local hiring opportunities and to advance economic justice in Buffalo. PUSH's members are the community organizers who make affordable housing a reality in Buffalo. Our members work with partners and funders to create a healthy, just and strong city that includes community control of resources, living wage jobs and access to quality education, healthcare and transportation.