Diversity Peer Mentoring Program

Become a Peer Mentor

Do you want to help incoming underrepresented students to the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences succeed?

We need current UB engineering and computer science students, in particular those who participate in our student clubs, to serve as mentors in our new SEAS Diversity Peer Mentoring Program.

As a peer mentor, you will support a diverse first-year engineering student by offering friendship, advice and being a great role model. Tell a first-year student what you wish you knew when you were first starting in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences!

Members from AISES, NSBE and SHPE are encouraged to apply. Online training will be provided. Members who participate will have access to conference travel funds for their club!

Program Benefits

Student mentoring another student.
  • Help build the cohesiveness of the UB SEAS community
  • Access funds from the Engineering Partnership to attend student conferences
  • Add valuable experience to your resume
  • Gain a fulfilling experience
  • Boost your leadership skills
  • Practice good time management
  • Meet new people
  • Support your own retention and success through graduation
  • Help create a community of involvement and success from mentor-to-mentor
  • Provide intensive leadership training in areas of academic and student life
  • If you have a work-study grant, use these funds to work as a peer mentor

How does the program work?

Volunteer to be a peer mentor. All peer mentors will receive online training.

Peer mentors will be expected to mentor 3-5 mentees with whom they meet (virtually or in-person) at least 3-5 times per semester. They will be expected to keep in regular contact with their mentees. As a group, the peer mentors and mentees will participate in a social event once per semester through the SEAS Office of Diversity Programs.

Peer mentors will engage with peers online, in engineering small groups, tinkering spaces, social clubs, and other social and academic activities.

A peer mentor is an important voice of experience and point of contact for communicating questions or concerns. Peer mentors serve as role models and lead by example both inside and outside the classroom to help incoming students learn how best to navigate and adapt to life in UB SEAS.

What’s my commitment?

  • Participate in a mandatory training workshop
  • Initiate contact with mentees
  • Maintain weekly contact (via phone, text, email, in-person) with mentees
  • Attend at least one (1) university activity per semester
  • Attend at least two (2) SEAS-wide programs per semester
  • Participate in Fall and Spring Peer Mentor/Mentee events offered through the Office of STEM Diversity Programs
  • Complete monthly Activity Log on Navigate system/app
  • Complete end-of-semester evaluations in the fall and spring
  • Maintain the minimum grade point average of 2.5
  • Comply with all Policies for SEAS Undergraduate Students