Self-driving car at UB highlights cutting-edge transportation research

driverless car.

Few recent technological advancements have generated as much buzz as self-driving cars. From Silicon Valley to Detroit and beyond, researchers are working around the clock to bring autonomous vehicles to the masses.

While that’s still a few years away, the Buffalo Niagara region got a preview of the future with a self-driving vehicle demonstration in a parking lot at UB’s North Campus.

The event featured a self-driving SUV developed by Southwest Research Institute, a Texas-based nonprofit applied research and development organization. The vehicle is designed to improve safety at roadside construction projects.

Southwest Research Institute partnered with UB’s Institute for Sustainable Transportation and Logistics, and the UB-headquartered Transportation Informatics Tier 1 University Transportation Center, both of which conduct cutting-edge transportation research, to coordinate the event, which took place on June 24, 2016.

Erie County, which is exploring implementing Southwest Research Institute’s technology in roadside operations, was also a partner in the event.