Earthquake Engineering Giants

Constantinou joins elite group of Newmark medalists at UB

George C. Lee, Michael C. Constantinou, Tsu T. Soong and Andrei M. Reinhorn have been recognized by ASCE for their significant contributions to structural engineering and mechanics.

Newmark Medal.

For almost 30 years, UB has been a leader in earthquake engineering.

Recently, Emeritus professors George Lee, Tsu T. Soong and Andrei Reinhorn came back to campus, where they met with the most recent Nathan M. Newmark medalist, Michael Constantinou, in the Structural and Earthquake Engineering Simulation Laboratory.

The four have all been recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) with the prestigious medal for their significant contributions to structural engineering and mechanics. UB is the only institution in the country where four medalists have been named within 15 years: Lee (2000), Soong (2002), Reinhorn (2011) and Constantinou (2015).

All four are affiliated with the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering. Lee and Soong were instrumental in securing National Science Foundation funding for the first National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research in 1986, and all four have conducted ground-breaking research in the field of earthquake engineering.