Nominate a Student Ambassador

Created in 2016, the SEAS Student Ambassador Program provides student leaders an opportunity to participate in an official capacity representing SEAS at recruitment and special events throughout the year.

This program, which brings together students from all departments and diverse backgrounds, serves to enrich and enhance leadership and communication skills, personal growth, and professional development for its membership while creating long lasting ties with their future alma mater. Ambassadors act as liaisons between SEAS and prospective students and their families/guests, alumni, businesses and community organizations by engaging in activities that:

  • Communicate the mission, vision, and culture of UB
  • Strengthen our traditions
  • Promote SEAS and UB Pride
  • Encourage lifelong involvement with the SEAS and UB

Throughout the year, ambassadors participate in requested tours during SEAS information sessions and prospective student visits, Open Houses, and other large scale admissions events. Also, any alumni, business, or community events that would like student representation can be appropriate for ambassadors. They help to answer questions of prospective students and families and share the student experience in SEAS and at UB.

If there is a student whom you feel exemplifies leadership qualities and enthusiasm for SEAS and their major, please consider nominating them to serve as SEAS Ambassador.


Students should meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate as an ambassador:

  • Undergraduate student in an approved major within the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • At least one semester of completed study at UB
  • At least one year remaining in major
  • Involvement in campus or community groups/activities
  • Strong communication and leadership skills
Please note:

A nomination does not automatically guarantee a student a spot in the Ambassador program. Nominees will go through an interview process before final selection.

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