Ryan Wilson

Major: Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering Major

Hometown: Mayville, NY

Campus/Community Involvement: I do various things with the first-year Engineering program. I TA for the first-year programs and tutor the basics such as calculus, chemistry and physics. I play intramural basketball as well.

Fun Fact: I restore vintage motorcycles as a hobby! 🏍️

What makes UB SEAS unique?
UB SEAS is a very large program and the size of the school oftentimes appears intimidating for incoming freshman. What makes our school unique is its ability to have the personal feel of a small school while still being relatively large. The number of opportunities are endless and as long as you put yourself out there. It is very easy to get involved and have the same feel that one would at a smaller school.

Ask me about...

  • First-year program (TA)
  • Double majoring in Aerospace and Mechanical
  • Coming from a small town and learning how to adjust to a big school
  • Club and internship experience