Leah Nolan.

Leah Nolan

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Major
Elma, NY

What are you involved in here at UB?

I am a student manager at the UB Nanosatellite Laboratory, Council of Chairs Representative for SEDS (Students for Exploration & Development of Space), and a general member of AiAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) and SWE (Society of Women Engineers).

What's a fun fact about you?

When I'm not doing homework or being involved on campus, I am also a volunteer firefighter! I have been doing so since I was 16. 

What do you enjoy most about SEAS (or UB)?

There are so many opportunities here at UB! Personally, it was super exciting to be a part of sending a real satellite up to space. There are many ways to get involved in research with different professors, go to conferences, and all around explore your passions. Even more, the faculty and staff really do want you to succeed and will help you find your way to these opportunities.