How to Hire Faculty: Inclusive Interviewing Best Practices

We pride ourselves on building an inclusive experience for faculty and students from their very first interactions.

In keeping with this effort, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences recommends the following steps towards inclusion as units work to hire faculty on the tenure and non-tenure track.

An inclusion approach to hiring processes considers how we might equip all candidates for jobs to be successful in securing opportunities to join our faculty with a particular focus on making candidates successful and embracing difference.

Planning an Inclusive First-Round Interview

Planning an Inclusive Campus Visit

An inclusive campus visit considers how different people require different experiences in order to determine whether to take a job and that different bodies require different accommodations and experiences in order to be most successful. Unlike the short, first-round interviews, campus visits are multiple day events that attempt both to learn more about the candidate but also to allow the candidate to learn about UB’s culture and campus and what it’s like to live in Buffalo. Planning an inclusive visit takes time and dedicated thinking about the candidate as an individual and should be done from an intersectional framework.

Welcome Bag Checklist

One step to providing your candidates with the information and preparation they need to be successful on a campus visit might be to provide a welcome bag in their hotel when they arrive. Items you might provide include:

❏     Water bottle (re-usable)
❏     Granola bars or other snack items (be mindful of allergies here)
❏     Copies of any important policies: T&P, benefits, etc., so the candidate need not search for them online
❏     Campus Map with gender neutral bathrooms and lactation room marked
❏     City Map
❏     Brochures from the Chamber of Commerce
❏     Brochures from local trusted Realtors
❏     Who’s Who Guide of the Department with Pictures
❏     Campus Visit Itinerary
❏     Sewing and/or First Aid Kit

Questions or Comments?

If you'd like to speak with someone in SEAS about inclusion, diversity, or equity, feel free to contact Dr. Letitia Thomas in the Office of STEM Diversity or Dr. Kristen Moore in the Department of Engineering Education.

The project of developing an inclusive school and department is ongoing here at UB. If you have suggestions, comments, or queries about any of this content, we'd love to hear from you and incorporate your feedback into this and other initiatives towards inclusion. You can contact Dr. Kristen Moore directly or if you prefer, complete the anonymous form below: