Purchasing UB Merchandise 

Purchasing officially licensed UB merchandise can be a great way to celebrate school spirit and promote the UB brand. Learn how to use UB's name, logos or lockups on merchandise and obtain the proper approval for your products.

All orders must be approved by UB's Trademarks and Licensing Office, which is a Division of University Communications. Follow the steps below to ensure your order goes smoothly.

1. Choose a vendor.

Research and select a vendor for your product(s). Whenever possible, use a vendor from the list of UB licensed vendors. If there is not a vendor on this list that will meet your needs, you may request to use an unlicensed vendor. However, please note that an unlicensed vendor can only accept one order from one UB department or office within each calendar year. If you want to purchase an item from an unlicensed company, please first contact Trademarks and Licensing at UBTrademarks@buffalo.edu.

2. Review usage guidelines.

Review the university's usage guidelines on the UB identity, paying special attention to proper use of the university's name and lockups. Contact potential vendors with any questions about whether they can produce a product to the specifications outlined in UB's usage guidelines. Additionally, be sure to check that the product and design you plan to use are not on the prohibited items/usage list.

3. Finalize your design.

Obtain the desired university logos and/or lockups for your design. Most vendors prefer to receive artwork in a vector file format, such as an EPS file. Check with your vendor for specific instructions.

4. Submit a Campus Trademark Request Form.

Submit the completed Campus Trademark Request Form, along with your final design, to UB's Trademarks and Licensing Program. If you're using an official UB licensed vendor, the vendor may complete this step for you. UB's Trademarking and Licensing Program may respond to your request with feedback on how to adjust your design so that it better aligns with the UB branding guidelines. 

5. Place your order.

Once your request is approved, you and the vendor you have selected will be notified so that you can proceed with production. Ensure that the employee handling the purchase of your product(s) has also received a copy of the approved Campus Trademark Request Form.

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  • Trademark approval must be completed for every order, including exact reprints. 
  • Official collegiate licensed vendors are the only companies permitted to produce retail items, such as fundraising and "sold at cost" items.
  • There is generally a one-week turnaround on trademark requests. If you have rush request, please call the Trademarking & Licensing office at 645-4585.
Questions or concerns?

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