SEAS Academic Continuity Support

In addition to the information being distributed out of the Office of the Provost and Center for Educational Innovation, our Office of Digital and Online Education and SENS are here to support the SEAS community.

General Tips for Faculty and Staff

  • Be sure to review your syllabus, powerpoints, and other instructional materials to ensure inclusion of a copyright statement. CIE faculty have used this statement: The materials provided by the instructor in this course are for the use of the students enrolled in the course only. Copyrighted course materials may not be further disseminated without instructor permission.
  • Become familiar with your preferred webconference tool such as WebEx and Zoom.
  • Exam integrity within UBlearns can be assisted by limiting the amount of time a student has to complete the exam, randomizing questions and/or answers, and using the integrated Respondus’ LockDown Browser and Monitor in UBlearns.
  • Please keep devices updated with the latest UB software (VPN, security patches, etc.)
  • Forward your UB office phone number to another device in the event you cannot access your office phone. The following links describe UBIT phone features:
  • UBbox allows access to both on and off campus files and does not require a VPN connection


UBIT has new “Recording with Panopto” instructions (aprox. 20 minutes plus reference links) that walks through all of the steps necessary to get started and use/copy/edit with Panopto and distribute via UBlearns. In addition, you can also watch previous training sessions:

If you are creating Panopto™ recordings and wish to discourage file sharing, please review the settings and restrict permissions (no podcast downloading) accordingly. If you have questions, reach out to Lisa Stephens,  Jim  Michalowski or

Online Course Video Captioning

Although it is highly encouraged, we are not requiring all videos in UBLearns to be captioned during this time if you don't have the resources. Videos need to be captioned when an instructor has a student in their class that requires captioning because of a disability.

  • While we should be captioning for both legal and pedological reasons, we need to be pragmatic.
  • If you have a student who has asked for an accommodation, you should caption your videos. 
  • If you are creating videos of voice-over PowerPoint, include as much information as possible in the text of the PowerPoint
  • Use Panapto or YouTube and enable auto-captioning on YouTube and Panapto by default. Double check the accuracy to avoid any misinformation or embarrassing errors.
  • Utilize companies like Rev or Verbit to create transcripts when needed.

UB Center for Educational Innovation (CEI)

The UB Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) will be holding Online Teaching Academies this summer. Faculty can learn best practices for design, assessment, engagement, and technology integration for online courses, as well as best practices for online teaching and utilizing course evaluation tools to support student success.

Contact Us

If you have questions or need help, please reach out to Lisa Stephens, and/or Jim Michalowski.