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Web Communication

Event Landing Pages

Add the words "Cancelled" or "Postponed" to individual event landing pages. We recommend using the Callout component with a yellow background and caution sign to match the yellow banner already included on all UB websites. Be sure to include contact information for the event organizer or a link to their contact information as well as a link to the UB COVID-19 Information Website.

Event Listings and Calendar Pages

SEAS Communications has developed some flexible shared content in the UB CMS that the SEAS web community can take advantage of including two "Events Caution Callouts." We recommend adding these callouts to pages that include lists of upcoming events. These callouts can be embedded on CMS pages using the Shared Content Reference component. There is a large and small version available depending on the format of your pages. Visit the SEAS COVID-19 Toolbox folder in Shared Content (CMS login required) to see everything that is available.

Need Help?

If you need assistance adding callouts or making any website changes, please complete the Request to Modify SEAS Websites and User Permissions form to have SEAS Communications add it for you. This is the quickest way for SEAS Communicaitons to process requests.

Social Media

  • We recommend that the SEAS community stop sharing events on Facebook until students return to campus
  • If you are postponing or canceling an event, consider posting the information on your social media channels
  • Repost official UB communications and include the #UBuffalo hashtag
  • Direct students to the latest information on the UB COVID-19 Information website and encourage them to check back often. The site also includes helpful FAQs that might address some of their concerns.
Post Essential Information Only

It is recommended that all UB social media accounts only post "essential business" and communications relating to COVID-19 until March 30th or further notice.

This change in scope will empower everyone to focus on communicating the information our UB community needs to navigate these difficult times, as well as help us avoid sounding “tone deaf” to the fear, anxiety and frustration based on what’s happening around us.

Essential information means posting about core business activities that, if not communicated during this period, will negatively affect your unit’s operations. Consider the following:

  • Check editorial calendars for any scheduled posts that need to be paused during this time.
  • Continue to share UB institutional social posts.
  • Post messages that relate to the impact of the COVID-19 issue.

Continue to post messages that are considered essential business, including:

  • Upcoming events slated for this week
  • Deadlines slated for this week
  • Reporting on activities happening this week
  • Continue to execute normal business via DM (e.g. answering admissions questions via direct messages).

Non-essential information refers to information that, if posted at a later time, will not negatively affect your unit’s operations. Examples of this might be:

  • Congratulatory “shout outs”
  • Celebratory posts
  • Posts promoting events that are far out in the future

Keep in mind, all of our comments on official university channels can be considered university statements and we cannot intentionally or unintentionally give any information that would change our institutional or unit-level message. This is a situation that is creating great stress and anxiety and we do not want to appear to be insensitive to how our stakeholders may be feeling.

Please continue referring individuals to UB’s COVID-19 website for the most up-to-date information.

Unsure How to Respond?

If you are unsure how to answer a question on your social channel, please contact SEAS communications and we can assist.

Digital Signage

Please remove digital signage that advertises events that are cancelled or postponed. Contact James Friedman to coordinate.

UB Events Calendar

To cancel or postpone an event on the UB Events calendar, contact James Friedman.

Event Organizers

For events that have already been advertised that will now be cancelled or postponed, the organizers should contact everyone who received an invitation or registered for the event to update them on the status. Refer to the UB COVID-19 Information website for the latest information. Review to web communication guidance on this page to learn about adding web banners and updating web landing pages.