SEAS COVID-19 Information

Social Distance. Wash Your Hands. Wear a Face Mask. Feel Sick? Stay Home.

Together, we are stopping the spread.

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences cares deeply about the health and academic progress of our students, as well as the safety of our faculty, staff and their families. We are committed to supporting the SEAS community during this unprecedented time.

For campus-wide updates, visit the UB COVID-19 Information site.

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Helpful Communications Resources:

COVID-19 Style Guide

Find direction on terminology and other tips for written communications concerning COVID-19 and campus health and safety protocols.

Health and Safety Materials

Health and Safety Guide

Page 1 of the Health and Safety Guidelines Booklet.

The university’s guidelines will continue to be updated as needed in accordance with new recommendations from the state and CDC, and as new scientific findings emerge. Guideline updates will be posted on the Health and Safety Guidelines webpage.

Health and Safety Posters

Four health and safety messages.
UB Study Study Space Poster.
UB Counseling Services Flyer for COVID-19.
UB Health and Safety Pledge Poster.

Health and Safety Videos

The following video series is available for use on websites, social media and digital displays across campus.

Room Capacity Template

Customize this template for conference rooms, shared spaces and other areas inside your building. Please be aware that University Facilities will distribute elevator capacity signage.

room capacity template.

PowerPoint Template

Download this customizable PowerPoint template for your presentations, which includes health and safety visuals, campaign statements and various slide formats. Some slides may also be used as a signage template to display unit-specific messages.

health and safety powerpoint template.

Posting Office Hours

Please use the template below to provide on-campus students, faculty and staff with information, instructions and office hours for your office. Once completed, feel free to print and post where appropriate. In addition, please upload your file to the UBBox folder below so that it can be included in the SEAS Safe Start Status page, a web-based database of research lab and office space information.

If you have questions about department announcements or the SEAS Safe Start Status page, contact Holly Evert.

Need Directional Signage?

Signage Starter Kits have been provided to all UB units. Additional signs may be purchased by an FPMO for their spaces.  Please use the form below to purchase additional COVID-19 signage for your unit.

Only Facilities Planning and Management Officers (FPMOs) are authorized to request directional signage.

Source: University Facilities

Web Communication

UBCMS Assets

Together, we can keep the university community healthy and safe. This library of assets for use on UBCMS sites makes it easy to communicate a unified message. 

SEAS Safe Start Status

The SEAS Safe Start Status page is where the SEAS community can find the current status of SEAS labs, offices and community spaces, as well as office hours, room capacity limits and more. This is not a complete list of SEAS spaces (yet), and it will be added to and updated as the fall semester unfolds. Sujata Rawal, Assistant Dean of Facilities, Planning and Management and Holly Evert, Assistant Director of Communications, are working closely to ensure the accuracy of this information. If you need to make any updates or additions to this page, please email both Sujata and Holly. Digital signage that can also be used as a printed poster for the SEAS Safe Start Status page is available under Digital Signage.

Event Landing Pages

Add the words "Cancelled" or "Postponed" to individual event landing pages. We recommend using the Callout component with a yellow background and caution sign to match the yellow banner already included on all UB websites. Be sure to include contact information for the event organizer or a link to their contact information as well as a link to the UB COVID-19 Information Website.

Event Listings and Calendar Pages

SEAS Communications has developed some flexible shared content in the UB CMS that the SEAS web community can take advantage of including two "Events Caution Callouts." We recommend adding these callouts to pages that include lists of upcoming events. These callouts can be embedded on CMS pages using the Shared Content Reference component. There is a large and small version available depending on the format of your pages. Visit the SEAS COVID-19 Toolbox folder in Shared Content (CMS login required) to see everything that is available.

Need Help?

If you need assistance adding callouts or making any website changes, please complete the Request to Modify SEAS Websites and User Permissions form.

Social Media Guidance

  • If you are postponing or canceling an event, consider posting the information on your social media channels
  • Repost official UB communications and include the #UBuffalo hashtag
  • Direct students to the latest information on the UB COVID-19 Information website or the SEAS Coronavirus website and encourage them to check back often. Use the vanity URL in social posts
  • We encourage you to use the digital posters and videos provided on this page to bring attention to campus health and safety guidelines
Unsure how to respond to a social media comment?

If you are unsure how to answer a question on your social channel, please contact SEAS communications and we can assist.

Social Media Assets

Social media cards and animated videos are available on the brand website to supplement your health and safety communications in various channels.

Digital Signage

Please remove digital signage that advertises events that are cancelled or postponed. Contact James Friedman to coordinate. Feel free to advertise the SEAS Coronavirus Website on your digital signage by downloading the slide below.

Digital Health and Safety Displays

Download and display these COVID-19 safety posters on screens and monitors where necessary. You can also use the Health and Safety Videos on digital signage.

Complete your mandatory daily health check.
Preview of SEAS Safe Start Status sign.

QR Codes

Below are QR codes that you might find helpful to include on your department's signage. If you need a QR code created, please contact Holly Evert to request a trackable png file.

SEAS Safe Start Status QR code.
SEAS Portal QR code.
SEAS UG Quick Question Form.
SEAS OUE Contact code.

UB Events Calendar

To cancel or postpone an event on the UB Events calendar, contact James Friedman.

Remember — we’re all in this together. If you see a student violating health guidelines, here’s what you can do: