Engineers Week 2020 Schedule

botwars in the student union.

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Sun. 2/16 Mon. 2/17 Tues. 2/18 Wed. 2/19 Thurs. 2/20 Fri. 2/21 Sat. 2/22

Thursday, February 20







9 am-11 am Create an Insulator (AIChE): Design and build the most efficient insulator possible given a variety of materials. Student Union Flag Room
10am - 12pm Circuit Building (IEEE): Build a circuit in a given schematic as fast as you can! Student Union Lobby
11am - 1pm Mask Design (Engineering Council): Student Union Flag Room
12pm - 2pm Giant Jenga (IISE): Don’t make it fall! This is an intensified childhood favorite game.  Student Union Lobby
1pm - 3pm Cardboard Roller Coaster (ASME)Clubs will construct a marble roller coaster out of recycled cardboard materials while following a series of design constraints. Student Union Flag Room
2pm - 4pm Roller Coaster Design (TPEC): Select the best rides and attractions to fit a designated theme park space to maximize profit. Student Union Lobby
3pm - 5pm Space Jeopardy (SEDS): Think you know space? Find out with this fun space-related spinoff of Jeopardy. Student Union Flag Room
4pm - 6pm Lifesize Operation (BMES): Diagnose medical ailments and perform the necessary real-life procedure to save your patient’s life! Student Union Lobby
5pm - 12am Bot Wars Arena Set-Up (SAE) Student Union Lobby & 145