SEAS Undergraduate Course Placement Guidelines

Correct placement in engineering and computer science courses is essential for student success. Students receive information about proper placement into SEAS courses, as well as many other introductory UB courses from their academic advisor. The guidelines below are for advisors to use in assisting students.

Approved Major: Students within an approved SEAS program have satisfied admission criteria. Students are eligible to participate in all courses required for the major. To be eligible to earn a degree from SEAS, a student must be admitted to the approved major.

Intended Major: Students within an intended SEAS program have an intention to pursue an engineering or applied science degree and are working toward satisfying admission criteria. Intended majors are permitted to enroll in 100- and 200-level SEAS courses (EAS, BE, CE, CIE, CSE, EE, IE, MAE) required for the major, including: 

  • EAS 199: sections A-D currently for approved first-year students
    •  Fall:
      • sections A-D for approved first-year students
      • sections I-L for intended first-year students/non-SEAS majors
      • section T for transfer students
    • Spring:
      • section I for all SEAS students
  • EAS 202: Spring only
    • sections A-B for approved students
    • sections I-J for SEAS Intended students
  • EAS 198, 200, 207, 208, 209, 230, 240
  • BE 201, 202
  • CE 212, 220, 304
  • CIE 177, 327 (intended civil engineering majors), CIE 340 (intended environmental engineering majors), 341 (intended environmental engineering majors)
  • CSE 111, 115, 116, 191, 199, 220, 241, 250
  • EE 178, 202, 205
  • IE 101 (open to all majors), 320
  • MAE 177, 204, 277, 278

A few notes regarding other CSE courses:

  1. CSE 101 is an elective for students wishing to learn more about computers and their use. It CANNOT be used to satisfy the UBC Math & Quantitative Reasoning requirement. There are no course requisites. It is open to all majors.
  2. CSE 111 is recommended, but not required for students with insufficient math preparation for placement into CSE 115. CSE 111 satisfies the UBC Math & Quantitative Reasoning requirement (the same requirement ULC 148 satisfies). There are no course requisites. It is open to all majors.
  3. CSE 115 is the introductory course for all computer science and computer engineering majors. CSE 115 does not require students to have previous programming experience. The prerequisite is: Pre-calculus (MTH 115 or ULC 148) or appropriate math placement test scores or Corequisite: Calculus 1 (MTH 121 or MTH 131 or MTH 141). 

Students pursuing a BS in computer science or computer engineering must take MTH 141/142. Students pursuing a BA in computer science must take:

MTH 141/142, or
MTH 121/122, or
MTH 131/100-level or higher level technical elective

Last updated: November, 2021