Kelly Duval.

Alumni Profile

Kelly Duval

Student Leader: Kevin DeRoller

Engineering school is not always easy...but it is fun to look back and realize that the hard work paid off. Every year after college just gets better and better as you use the strong foundation that UB engineering provided you to continue to grow and grow."

What did serving as a Student Leader mean to you? What motivated you to participate?
Serving as a Student Leader was a way for me to pay it forward and help the incoming students just as much as the many Student Leaders had helped me. Small Groups was so helpful, both for learning the material and for creating connections with upper classmen that lasted for years.

A memory that remains with me from my Student Leader days is:
I will always remember seeing all the new faces on Opening Day and the first day of EAS140. Knowing how nervous those kids felt, and knowing that I was going to help them along in their first year of the engineering journey was always so exciting and impactful.