Dalene Aylward

Dalene Aylward.


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Education: BA in Psychology with minor in Sociology and EdM in Higher Education Administration, concentration in Student Affairs, University at Buffalo

Specialty Area(s): Major/Minor Change Requests

Academic Pathway: I explored several career ideas throughout my childhood, including aeronautics, architecture and accounting. I was a member of the Young Astronauts Club in elementary school! By the time I came to UB as a freshman, I decided that I wanted to earn my PhD in neuropsychology and perform research on the many differences between male and female brains. However, my part-time job on-campus in the Office of Student Life, working as a Student Union Building Manager and at the front desk, helped me decide that I wanted to instead pursue a career in higher education. Throughout my time completing two degrees at UB, I gained experience in Student Unions and Activities, Orientation, Leadership, Career Services, and the Intercultural and Diversity Center. I was also a Campus Minister for 12 years, with 5 of those years serving as the Campus Ministries Convener. Eventually, I became an academic advisor for the UB Scholars Program, switched over to Prehealth Advising for 9 years, and now, in the SEAS Office of Undergraduate Education.  

Hobbies and Interests: I absolutely love to read and learn new information on many topics, ranging from health and nutrition, to teamwork and leadership, to parenting, child development, giftedness, and neurodiversity. When I’m not playing and homeschooling my four kids, I’m writing children’s books and exploring new kinds of artwork for illustration.