Admission for Intended Majors

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UB students in academic good standing may be considered for admission to our intended engineering or applied science majors.

We first describe the intended and approved engineering and applied science majors.

  • Intended Major: Students within an intended SEAS program have an intention to pursue an engineering or applied science degree and are working toward satisfying admission criteria. Intended majors are permitted to enroll in 100- and 200-level SEAS courses (EAS, BE, CE, CIE, CSE, EE, IE, MAE) required for the major.
  • Approved Major: Students within an approved SEAS program have satisfied admission criteria. Students are eligible to participate in all courses required for the major. To be eligible to earn a degree from SEAS, a student must be admitted to the approved major.
  • Admission to an intended or approved major can occur at the time you enter UB or at a later point as a continuing student.

This page outlines the process for students to join an intended engineering or applied science major. The information is relevant for matriculated UB students who are currently in a non-SEAS degree program (e.g., pharmacy, business, chemistry, undecided) and are interested in pursuing an engineering or applied science degree, but do not satisfy the admissions criteria for the approved major. Students who have completed admissions requirements should consult our Admission to SEAS for Current UB Students webpage.

Admissions Criteria

Admission to engineering or computer science as an intended major requires the following:

  1. Matriculated student with academic good standing at the University at Buffalo.
  2. Submission of the SEAS Supplemental Application.
  3. The potential to be admissible to the approved engineering or applied science major of interest. Please see the Admission to SEAS for Current UB Students web page for detailed information regarding the admissions criteria for the approved major.

The applicant must show that they could eventually be admissible to the SEAS program of interest.

Core Courses

Engineering Courses:

  1. Calculus 1 (MTH 141 or MTH 153)
  2. Calculus 2 (MTH 142 or MTH 154)
  3. General Chemistry 1 (CHE 101, CHE 105, or CHE 107)
  4. General Physics 1 (PHY 107 or PHY 117)

Computer Science / Bioinformatics Courses:

  1. Calculus 1 (MTH 141 or MTH 153; students applying for the BA computer science degree may complete MTH 121 or MTH 131)
  2. Introduction to Computer Science for Majors 1 (CSE 115)
  3. Introduction to Computer Science for Majors 2 (CSE 116)
  4. Discrete Structures (CSE 191 or MTH 191)

Overview of Intended Student SEAS Admissions Requirements

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Code of Professional Conduct

Students who have acted in a manner that is inconsistent with the SEAS Code of Professional Conduct may be denied admission to the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Coursework Advisement

Students are encouraged to utilize our course flowsheets for help in identifying courses required for their desired major. Students should pay particular attention to the course requisite sequences identified by the flowsheets to ensure that they have the necessary prerequisites to enter our courses in a timely manner.