2015 Poster Competition

Ioannis Karampelas, CBE, won first place in the SEAS poster competition. Niraj Pandey, ISE, and Prerna Gera, MAE, tied for second place.

Ioannis Karampelas (center) won first place in the SEAS poster competition. Niraj Pandey (left) and Prerna Gera (right) tied for second place. Photo: James Friedman.

First Place

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Ioannis Karampelas presenting at the competition

Second Place (tie)

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Prerna Gera presenting at competition

Prerna Gera

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Niraj Pandey presenting at competition

Niraj Pandey

Honorable Mentions

Biomedical Engineering

Emily Brooks presenting at the competition

Emily Brooks

Rachel Wood presenting at competition

Rachel P. Wood

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Xianliang Wang presenting at competition

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Maria Koliou at competition

Arvin Ebrahimkhanlou

Benefiting from Reflections in Active Ultrasonic Damage Detection of Plate Structures

Aikaterini Stefanaki at the competition

Aikaterini Stefanaki

Computer Science and Engineering

Tamal Biswas presenting at competition

Tamal Biswas

CSE students presenting at competition

Yihong Chen, Sriram Shamtharam, Guru Srinivasa, Jinghao Shi, Jerry Ajay, Ali Ben Ali

Maybe We Should Enable More Uncertain Mobile App Programming

Electrical Engineering


Loris Cannelli

Tianboyu Xu presenting at competition

Tianboyu Xu

Shrinking Tornado to the Nanoscale

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Mohammadreza Samadi presents his poster

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Matthew Burge presenting at competition