Keynote Speaker

Mark Santoro, Raytheon, Space and Airborne Systems

Photo of Mark Santoro.

Mark Santoro is a principal engineering fellow for Space and Airborne Systems in the Hardware Engineering Center who has developed an exceptionally deep, varied and relevant base of experience and knowledge from systems engineering to front to back end submicron electronics, from years of achievements as a Hughes Aircraft/Raytheon employee and through a variety of technical leadership positions with well-respected industry leading companies.

He is the director and chief engineer of the Modernized GPS User Equipment (MGUE) program and director of Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Technology for the GPS and Navigation Systems (GNS) business area. He leads and has led technology direction for major pursuits: Next Generation ASIC development program that will supersede the MGUE ASIC and will be the first 14nm ASIC for Raytheon; the Common Architecture ASIC Program (CAAP), which is an anti-jam GPS system for the Air Force Research Laboratory; and the DARPA SPADE program, which is demonstrating alternative 3D multichip solutions to mitigate security risk with diminishing supply of “trusted manufacturing” sources.

The growth of Raytheon as a leader in electronics and technology rests on the shoulders of select engineers like Mark because his extensive knowledge is not just in the technology, but in the application of the technology to handle complex problems. It is this skill that makes Mark a technical leader and provides a strong base for decisions that not only enable Raytheon to strengthen existing programs, but also extend Raytheon’s presence on emerging programs that require knowledge and application of cutting edge technology.

Mark earned a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo.