Technical Communication

Hand writing with a pen. Laptop in the background.

Engineers entering the workforce need more than just technical skills—they need the skills to work well with fellow engineers, to communicate across a diverse set of stakeholders, and to convey meaning both in writing and in speaking.

The Technical and Scientific Communication program in SEAS provides graduate and undergraduate students with training in communication skills, including technical communication, oral presentations, visual design and data visualization.

Students in technical communication courses benefit from small class sizes, hands-on projects, and frequent feedback from both peers and award-winning faculty. 

The technical communication faculty provide SEAS students with a range of professional, scientific, and technical communication courses. These courses allow students to build a foundation for a successful career and also offer students the opportunity to specialize in a particular kind of communication. 

Undergraduate students in every engineering major are required to take a course on technical communication. This course examines a range of communication skills including technical communication, oral presentations, visual design and data visualization. The Department of Engineering Education teaches this course; it also teaches a graduate-level technical communication course that can be taken as an elective by any interested graduate engineering students. The department also is pursuing the establishment of an undergraduate technical communication minor.

Technical Communication Courses

Undergraduate Courses

  • EAS 330 Ethics in Engineering and Computing
  • EAS 360 STEM Communications
  • EAS 459 Oral Communications
  • EAS 459 Visual Communication and the Design of Complex Information

Graduate Courses

  • ENG 510 Technical Communication
  • EAS 580 Technical Communication for Engineers
  • EAS 597 Visual Communication and the Design of Complex Information

Undergraduate Minor in Technical and Scientific Communication

The undergraduate minor in Technical and Scientific Communication will teach students to communicate effectively across a range of genres and media platforms, specialize in scientific and engineering discourses as appropriate for their majors, work effectively in teams large and small by producing effective internal documentation, goal-setting charges, and project management materials and develop an ethical and justice framework for their work as engineers, managers, and citizens with a particular ability to articulate the role of humanity in their work. This minor is in the approval process and applications will not be accepted until final approval is granted.