Natasha Litchinitser Published in Nature Communications

Natasha Litchinitser

The paper, titled  "Virtual hyperbolic metamaterials for manipulating radar signals in air,"  is co-authored by Zhaxylyk A. Kudyshev, Martin C. Richardson and Natalia M. Litchinitser.

This work introduces virtual hyperbolic metamaterials (VHMMs) formed by an array of plasma channels in air as a result of self-focusing of an intense laser pulse, and shows that such structure can be used to manipulate microwave beams in air. Hyperbolic, or indefinite, metamaterials are photonic structures that possess permittivity and/or permeability tensor elements of opposite sign with respect to one another along principal axes, resulting in a strong anisotropy. The authors' proof-of-concept results confirm that the proposed virtual hyperbolic metamaterial structure can be used for efficient beam collimation and for guiding radar signals around obstacles, opening a new paradigm for electromagnetic wave manipulation in air.

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