Top Honors in EE & CDSE Graduate Research Poster Competitions

Photo of Arjun with poster.

Arjun Singh

Photo of Gaurav with poster.

Gaurav Nagesh Shetty

Photo of Priyanshu Sen.

Priyangshu Sen

Graduate students from EE presented their research posters to faculty, staff, fellow students, and members of the community during the annual Student Poster competitions in the Department of Electrical Engineering and  and the Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering (CDSE) Research Symposium.

The winners of the EE poster competition are:

First place:​

"Design of plasmonic nano-antenna arrays for ultra-directional Terahertz communications and beamforming,”
Arjun Singh*, Michael Andrello, Ngwe Thawdar, and Josep Miquel Jornet.

Second place:

“Novel MRI reconstruction algorithms by exploiting data-manifold geometries,” 
Gaurav Nagesh Shetty*, Konstantinos Slavakis, Abhishek Bose, Ukash Nakarmi, Leslie Ying, and Gesualdo Scutari.

Third place:

"The TeraNova platform: An integrated testbed for ultra-broadband wireless communications at true Terahertz-band frequencies,” 
Priyangshu Sen*, Ali Al Qaraghuli, and Josep Miquel Jornet.


Gaurav Nagesh Shetty also won First Prize for “Novel MRI reconstruction algorithms by exploiting data-manifold geometries,” in the CDSE Research Symposium.

published May 21, 2019