Buffalo Welcomes the World to EDISON 20

edison 20.

EDISON20 – The 20th International Conference on Electron Dynamics in Semiconductors, Optoelectronics and Nanostructures is held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Buffalo, NY from July 17 – 21, 2017.  The conference is organized by EE Chair Jonathan Bird who was featured on WBFO, Buffalo's NPR station.

The technical focus of the EDISON series is on the fundamental physics and applications of nonequilibrium classical and quantum carrier dynamics in semiconductors, optoelectronic devices, and nanostructures.

Specific topics of particular interest include:

  1. Nonequilibrium carrier transport in bulk and nanostructured materials
  2. Nonequilibrium carrier transport in novel devices
  3. Coherent carrier dynamics in solids
  4. Coherent/incoherent carrier dynamics and ultra-fast optical phenomena
  5. Terahertz phenomena in semiconductor materials and devices
  6. Semiconductor-based spintronics
  7. Mesoscopic phenomena in nanostructured materials and devices
  8. Carrier dynamics in organic materials
  9. Electronic and optical properties of graphene and other 2D materials
  10. Synthesis and electrical and optical properties of 2D van der Waals solids
  11. Topological states of matter
  12. Ultrafast carrier dynamics in energy-conversion processes
  13. Energy harvesting from nanostructures
  14. Nonequilibrium thermal transport in devices and nanostructures
  15. Nonequilibrium carrier dynamics and fluctuations
  16. Carrier dynamics in phononic and mechanical structures

A related workshop for students, Reflections on Life at the Forefront of Nanotechnology, will be held on Saturday, July 22 in Davis Hall.  

published July 17, 2017