"Manipulating Complex Light with Metamaterials"

Optics Image.

Professors Natasha Litchinitser and Alexander Cartwright were published in Scientific Reports.


Along with co-authors Jinwei Zeng, Xi Wang, Jingbo Sun, Apra Pandey, the professors' article, "Manipulating Complex Light with Metamaterials" appeared in the journal Scientific Reports.  

In this paper it is shown that unique optical properties of metamaterials (MMs) open unlimited prospects to “engineer” light itself. The paper proposes and demonstrates for the first time a novel way of complex light manipulation in few-mode optical fibers using optical MMs. Most importantly, these studies highlight how unique properties of MMs, namely the ability to manipulate both electric and magnetic field components of electromagnetic (EM) waves,open new degrees of freedom in engineering complex polarization states of light at will, while preserving its orbital angular momentum (OAM) state. These results lay the first steps in manipulating complex light in optical fibers, likely providing new opportunities for high capacity communication systems, quantum information, and on-chip signal processing.