Research Centers, Labs and Groups

Students collaborate in Mike Buckley's CSE 453: Hardware/Software Integrated Systems Design lab in Fall 2009. Photo credit: Douglas Levere.

Students collaborate in Mike Buckley's CSE 453: Hardware/Software Integrated Systems Design lab in Fall 2009.  Photo credit: Douglas Levere

We provide scholars and investigators with innovative computing systems, laboratory facilities and equipment while offering high-level administrative support for faculty members seeking to conduct research and commercialize inventions.

Research Centers

CARA was founded in 2018 to promote both basic and applied big data related research, as well as multidisciplinary efforts to apply data analytics to all technology and engineering fields,  natural sciences, medical sciences and health, social sciences as well as arts and humanities.
The Center for Unified Biometrics and Sensors (CUBS) is focused on advancing the fundamental science of biometrics and providing key enabling technologies to build engineered systems. UB researchers are taking a unified view of biometric technologies by integrating software algorithms for accurate identification of various biometrics and data analysis (informatics) with hardware acquisition devices.
The Center of Excellence for Document Analysis and Recognition (CEDAR) is a research center at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Growing out of research on pattern recognition, conducted since 1978 in the Department of Computer Science, CEDAR was made possible with funding from several federal agencies, principally the United States Postal Service. While analysis of paper documents and handwriting recognition continues to be our strength, we have research and software development projects involving diverse digital document types.
The Center of Excellence in Information Systems Assurance, Research and Education (CEISARE) offers graduate education and coordinated research in computer security and information assurance. Research topics include the broad areas of e-commerce, security, networks and secure voting. Current projects address critical issues such as the development of cyber-attack recognition systems, protecting documents from insider threats, real-time intrusion detection, unintended information retrieval, and the security of corporate intranets.

Research Labs and Groups