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PocketCare S

Installing the Application on iOS

This page contains instructions to download and install the iOS version of PocketCare S from a secure server at University at Buffalo.

Due to Apple's restrictions, the iOS version is available only through Apple's Enterprise Developer Program and currently limited for use within UB.

You will be required to sign in with your UBIT account before the app can be downloaded. You will also be asked to start the download process in iTunes and you may see a blank screen for 10-15 seconds during the download and installation process. Once installed, the application will not run until the Trust settings are updated correctly.

Below is a step-by-step overview of the process. Please read the instructions in full before downloading the application.

iOS version Download Instructions and Process

  1. Click on “Download PocketCare S for iOS”.
  2. Log in with your UBITname and password.
  3. When prompted for “Open this page in iTunes”, click on Open.
  4. When prompted for “www.buffalo.edu” would like to install “PocketCare S”, click on Install. You may see a blank screen for a few seconds while the app is being installed.
  5. When the installation has completed, load the PocketCare S application by clicking on the icon. The “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” dialog will display.
  6. Go to Settings > General > Device Management > University at Buffalo > Trust “University at Buffalo” > Trust.
  7. The application should now load when the icon is clicked.

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Email the PocketCare S Development Team at ub-pocketcares@buffalo.edu