Graduate Student Award Recipients

CSE graduate students develop exciting technological innovations, pioneer new academic research directions, and exemplify instructional excellence in the classroom.

The award winner's major advisor's name is given in parentheses after the PhD student's name.

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Best First Year Achiever

2020—Jialian Wu (Junsong Yuan)

2019—Chenhan Xu (Wenyao Xu)

2018—Xiangyu Guo (Shi Li): First author in paper accepted to NIPS '18 as a Spotlight paper (3% acceptance rate).

Best Graduate Leadership

2020—Mohammad Abuzar Shaikh (Mingchen Gao, Sargur Srihari)

2019—Darshana Balakrishnan (Oliver Kennedy)

2018—Subhadeep Karan (Jaric Zola).  Served as CSEGSA president during AY '17-'18, worked hard towards improving student-faculty interaction through a number of events, initiated the Hello events and the Board Game Nights, organized a number of events to help newly-joined grad students get adjusted at UB, secure internships, etc., and continues being (unofficially) involved even after stepping down in September 2018, ​providing advice to the new CSE-GSA board, attending faculty meetings, etc.

2017—Farshad Ghanei (Karthik Dantu)

2016—Michael Wehar (Ken Regan)

2015—Yunfei Hou (Chunming Qiao)

Best Graduate Research

2020—Shivang Aggarwal (Dimitrios Koutsonikolas), Aditya Rathore (Wenyao Xu), Hongfei Xue (Lu Su)

2019—Hanbin Zhang (Wenyao Xu), Wenjun Jiang (Lu Su)

2018—Di Wang (Jinhui Xu).  10 submitted papers, 4 accepted including 2 NIPS, 1 AAAI as 1st author, spent the past summer in the Harvard Summer Intern program, working with top researchers like Adam Smith and others in the community, and will spend the next semester in Simons Institute of Berkeley as a visiting student.​  Zhengxiong Li (Wenyao Xu).  6 papers, 3 as 1st author in ACM SenSys 2018 (best paper nomination, 6 out of 147), ACM CCS 2018 (acceptance rate is 16%), ACM UbiComp 2018​, his work on 3D printer forensics (CCS’18) is reported by over 50 high-impact media outlets, the advisor of the congressman in White House contacted him and Wenyao about next-step law enforcement of 3D printed gun regarding his CCS work, his work on hidden electronics recognition (SenSys’18) is patented by UB STOR.

2017—Taeyeon Ki (Steve Ko), Chen Song (Wenyao Xu)

2016—Zhan Qin (Kui Ren), Aosen Wang (Wenyao Xu)

2015—Ziyun Huang (Jinhui Xu), Qi Li (Jing Gao)

Best Graduate Teaching

2020—Shivang Aggarwal (Dimitrios Koutsonikolas), Minhua Wang (Jinhui Xu), Deen Daval Mohan (Venu Govindaraju)

2019—Mihir Hemant Chauhan (Sargur Srihari), Farshad Ghanei (Karthik Dantu), Alina Vereshchaka (Wen Dong)

2018—William Spoth (Oliver Kennedy): went above and beyond for last spring's CSE 562, he completely redid the project evaluation system to work with AutoLab, spent countless hours improving the testing frameworks, and on top of that spent a ton of time in extra office hours and Piazza helping students with their projects.  Archita Pathak (Rohini Srihari): lead TA for CSE 434/535, worked with Rohini diligently on project design involving AWS, SOLR etc., has spent countless hours responding to student questions on Piazza, students have responded very well to her.

2017—Radhakrishna Dasari (Chang Wen Chen), Niyazi Sorkunlu (Varun Chandola)

2016—Luigi DiTacchio (Tevfik Kosar)

2015—Andrew Hughes (Alan Selman)

Best MS Leadership

Awarded to one or more graduating MS students.

2021—Snigdha Gupta, Nitin Kulkarni

2020—Rajat Rajendra Thosar

2019—Swati Sridhar Nair

Best MS Research

Awarded to one or more graduating MS students.

2021—Piyali Banerjee, Abhishek Dalvi

2020—Hariprasath Parthasarathy, Arvind Thirumurungan

2019—Luigi Di Tacchio, Tianhang Zheng

Best PhD Dissertation

2020—Di Wang (Jinhui Xu), Aleksey Charapko (Murat Demirbas), Chenglin Miao (Lu Su)

2019—Fenglong Ma (Jing Gao), Swetank Kumar Saha (Dimitrios Doutsonikolas)

2018—Houping Xiao (Jing Gao), Aosen Wang (Wenyao Xu)

2017—Qi Li (Jing Gao), Li Sun (Dimitrios Koutsonikolas), Zhisheng Yan (Chang Wen Chen)

2016—Mahmoud Abo Khamis (Hung Ngo), Devansh Arpit (Venu Govindaraju)

2015—Hu Ding (Jinhui Xu), "New Algorithmic Frameworks for Geometric Optimization: Clustering, Matching, and Fitting." Yingbo Zhou, (Venu Govindaraju), "Towards a Globally Optimal Approach for Learning Deep Unsupervised Models."

Faculty Choice Graduate Award

Awarded to one or more graduating MS/PhD students who have been a most vital presence in the department and whose departure will be sorely missed, not only by the faculty, at whose discretion the prize is awarded, but by the department as a whole.

2021—Alina Vereshchaka (Wen Dong)

2020—Farshad Ghanei (Karthik Dantu)

2019—Swetank Kumar Saha (Dimitrios Koutsonikolas)

Graduate Entrepreneurship

Awarded to one or more graduating MS/PhD students.

2021—Abhishek Gupta

2020—Saurabh Jain

2019—Harsha Kosa