PocketData NSF grant

Geoff Challen faculty portrait

Geoff Challen

Published August 15, 2016

Oliver Kennedy, Geoff Challen, and Luke Ziarek received an NSF planning grant for their project titled, "CI-P: Planning for a Community Infrastructure to Enable Pocket-Scale Data Management Research."

The PocketData project is an effort to instrument SQLite in the wild (through PhoneLab). SQLite is an embedded database that virtually all smartphones use to store persistent, structured state, and understanding how apps interact with it is an important part of making smartphones faster and more power-efficient.

PocketData is the result of lots of effort on the part of students including Miraj Kheni, Grant Wrazen and Lakshmi Ethiraj. In addition to instrumenting SQLite, these folks have been working to translate the logs resulting from that instrumentation into a new benchmark that we can use to evaluate potential competitors to SQLite, as well the hardware platforms that run our smartphones.