Olli is UB’s first self-driving vehicle, and researchers will demonstrate its capabilities Thursday.

Five faculty from SEAS were among the eighteen UB researchers and teachers that have been named recipients of the university’s 2018 Exceptional Scholar and Teaching Innovation awards.

BPS secondary students built their own cellphone as part of a three-day summer camp hosted by UB’s Liberty Partnerships Program.

WIVB-TV reports that UB computer scientists have been teaching Buffalo Public Schools students this summer about the basics of computer science, including how to build and program their own smartphone and quotes Oliver Kennedy, assistant professor of computer science and engineering.

STEM outreach part of Liberty Partnerships Program to reduce dropout rates.

Business First reports that two start ups from UB’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have been named semifinalists in the 43North business competition.
An article in Wired about new technology that enables drones to self-organize into a coherent swarm, flying in synchrony without colliding and without a central control unit telling them what to do interviews Karthik Dantu, assistant professor of computer science and engineering, and an expert in multi-robot coordination.
An article on ThomasNet News reports on research by Nils Napp, assistant professor of computer science and engineering, to develop autonomous robots that can overcome uneven terrain and other obstacles and are based on beavers, termites and other animals that build structures in response to simple environmental cues.
On May 27, UB welcomed 38 undergraduate STEM students from Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan to campus. They made the 36-hour trip to take a variety of classes, from engineering to sociology, through UBThisSummer during the first six-week session of the program.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are generating mega-buzz these days with accounts of fortunes won, and lost, on the many volatile digital exchanges. But according to Bina Ramamurthy, teaching professor of computer science and engineering, the real story is blockchain, the technology that underlies these currencies.